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Yale-SCORE on Sex Differences in Alcohol Use Disorder: 2021 Call for Pilot Funding

May 12, 2021

Goals of the Yale-SCORE Pilot Program: The Yale-SCORE Pilot Project Program will support promising new research that has the potential of advancing women’s health with regards to alcohol use and generate feasibility data for external funding applications.

The Pilot Project mechanism will fund projects focused on sex/gender differences and alcohol use that cross disciplines and may span across T1 to T4 translation, including molecular/genetic investigations in rats and mice, neuroimaging studies, pharmacological and behavioral treatments for clinical populations, and policy and population research.

Who is eligible to apply: Post-doctoral fellows and faculty with Yale appointments.

Amount of Funding: Up to $17,500 for a 1-year project. A minimum of 3 projects will be funded per year.

Application Process. A 500-word Letter of Intent is initially requested that will outline the primary aims of the project, summary of the methodology, and time frame needed to achieve aims. Post-doctoral fellow applicants will need to submit letters of support from their primary Yale faculty mentor.

If invited for a full application, a 2-page research strategy will be requested, with an additional ½ page budget justification, and an NIH biosketch for the PI. Funds may not be used for salary support or costly equipment. Additional details will be provided at the time of the invitation.

Important Dates:

  • All Letters of Intent must be received via email by 5pm, Tuesday June 15, 2021 to
  • Invitations for full applications will occur by July 1, 2021
  • Full applications will be due by August 1, 2021.
  • Funding decisions and project start dates will occur by Sept 1, 2021.

Questions can be mailed to

Submitted by Christopher Gardner on May 12, 2021