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New Electronic Platform for Faculty Appointments and Promotions

July 21, 2021

Yale School of Medicine recently implemented the Review, Promotion & Tenure platform offered by Interfolio. This transition to a systematic digital, online process for faculty reviews replaced an older process that presented many challenges.

“Appointments and promotions are vital parts of our academic process,” says Jonathan N. Grauer, MD, associate dean of faculty affairs within the Office of Academic and Professional Development. “Prior processes were challenging for faculty, staff, and committees. We wanted to help all involved focus on the accomplishments of our faculty and not be caught in the mechanics of our processes.”

While YSM had previously used Interfolio for faculty recruitment, a centralized platform for appointments and promotions was a new endeavor. Grauer explains that the primary goals of transitioning to a centralized process were to facilitate communication, standardize processes where possible, and allow for variation where needed.

“Substantial transitions, such as moving to a new electronic appointment and promotions process, can cause angst for any institution.” he says. However, “just one year into this initiative, we can now note that we were able to do this with no substantial issues and broad acceptance, and our prior processes provided strong foundation to build upon with this new platform.”

Submitted by Robert Forman on July 21, 2021