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Web Systems Release Notes: 2017.49

December 07, 2017
by Justin Fansler

The Tech Team released version 2017.49 this morning. Below is a summary of the tasks completed this past week:

Yale Medicine Website and Editing

Below is a list of updates that were made to, along with the YM Publishing Tool used to edit condition articles, feature stories, and doctor bios:

Type Title Description Category
Bug CSS and JS problems on dev preview and acceptance preview sites

Development environment preview YM site appeared with no style or formatting.

YM Website
Bug Some images are not displaying on the preview YM website

Some images were not appearing on the YM preview site.

YM Website
Bug Takeaway content pushes Slideshow down, but doesn't push its arrows down

Fixed the issue when the Takeaway was above the slideshow and pushed it down as expected but didn't push the slideshow arrows down.

YM Website
Bug Accordion floats alongside an inline image; should be below it

Accordion section floated alongside an inline image in stories and concept articles instead of pushing below the image.

YM Website
Bug When floating alongside an inline image, ordered lists overlap the image

Ordered lists overlapped an inline image when floating alongside the image.

YM Website
Task Add "- Present" for date range of professional service if there is no end date

Added "- Present" for still active Professional Services in YM doctor profiles.

YM Website
Story Update the data feeds to display all parent orgs for organizations with dual parents in department "Related Organizations" box

For organizations with dual parents, show both parent organizations in the "Related Organizations" sidebar box on department pages.

YM Website
Task Article Disappeared from Publish Admin tool

Two condition articles were inadvertently deleted, they have been restored in the system. It was not a bug.

YM Publishing Tool (YMS)
Task Add "Download Results to Excel" capability to Concepts Management screen

Added a "Download to Excel" option for Concepts Management at

YM Publishing Tool (YMS)
Story Implement database changes to store history for YM slugs in YMS

Added additional tables in a database to store previously used page names for articles, departments and users.

YM Publishing Tool (YMS)

School of Medicine Websites

Below is a list of updates made to the T3 YSM websites:

Type Title Description
Sub-task Prepare publish profiles for T3

Prepared publish profiles for T3 Continuous Integration. This enables develpment work to be seen more quickly on our dev website.

Sub-task Move T3 indexes into the Azure Search services used by YMS and YM

Development and Acceptance T3 search indexes were moved into the search account which is used by other Development and Acceptance applications.

News and People Profile System

Below is a list of updates made to the system used to edit profiles for people and organizations, along with news, events, and clinical trials:

Type Title Description
Bug NetIDs of newly entered users in OnCore are not syncing in YMS

New users entered in OnCore were not syncing into profile system, so they did not appear in trials.

Bug Google Search leads to Dev site

Added robots.txt for all environments in Web Services.

New Feature Post message if person is logged out of Profile System and prompt to save

Improves the user experience when login sessions to the Profile System expire due to inactivity.

Story Create a new YMS Admin maintenance page that is part of the YMS solution

This will enable us to better manage and improve the maintenance page we display when the Profile System is down for maintenance.

Sub-task Display a custom error message after automatic logout from YMS

Inform the user when an automatic logout from the Profile System has occurred.

Sub-task Post a message about "log out" due to inactivity

Profile System users will now be warned when their session is about to expire due to inactivity, and given a chance to renew it.

Event Calendar

Type Title Description
Bug Calendar Date Selector in Safari

Calendar date picker popup appeared larger than normal and empty.

New Feature move calendars from one to org to another

Added interface to move calendars from one organization to another.


Below is a list of updates made to websites and systems to meet WCAG A and AA accessibility standards:

Type Title Description Category
Task Eliminate usage of "<i>" tag for icons

Eliminate using of <i> tag for icons

YM Website

Infrastructure and Backend Systems

Much of the team's work is never seen, but important projects are ongoing to make sure our systems and websites are stable, highly available, and cost effective. We continue making major improvements to our infrastructure and work in this area will be ongoing into 2018.

Type Title Description Cateogry
New Feature Setup new USA Search Index (second)

This task setup a second USA location based search index to improve application availability and stability. Additional steps are necessary but the search indexes are foundational.

Azure Search Index
New Feature Setup new USA Search index

Replaced an existing search index with a new one using the new naming convention. This is also a step in making our search indexes globally redundant.

Azure Search Index
New Feature Deploy new search index code into production

This work completes the globalization for the search indexes.

Azure Search Index
New Feature Implement system to replicate indexed data to globally distributed indexes

This task takes the code developed for a concept and makes it ready for production release.

Azure Search Index
Sub-task Update YM configuration system to support different search services

Updated YM configuration system for globalizing search indexes.

Infrastructure, YM Website
Task Migrate T3 dev/acceptance deployment to newly created app services

T3 dev/acceptance app services were moved to newly created app services.

Infrastructure, T3 YSM Websites
New Feature Setup Dev/Acceptance server schedule

Some servers are not required to run 24/7, this task setup applications to automatically start and stop servers based on a schedule. Since we only pay for servers that are running, this will help reduce our costs to run servers that are only used during development hours.

Profile.Yale.Edu (YMS Admin), SDL Content Delivery, SDL Content Manager
Task Azure App Service Plan Consolidation -production apps

Reconfigured Azure Application Service Plans to make their use more efficient and cost effective. This is part one of this change, a separate ticket will be submitted for part two work to be completed within the next two months.

Profile.Yale.Edu (YMS Admin), T3 YSM Websites, YM Website
Task Move temp SDL storage account from sandbox to production

A temporary storage container was created in our development region that has become an integral part of our production SDL servers. This task moved it into the correct location in Azure so it is treated as a production entity.

SDL Content Delivery, SDL Content Manager
Bug Alchemy broken in acceptance admin

Alchemy is a framework that allows us to easily add plugins to SDL. A configuration change caused the plugin to stop working which was fixed by uninstalling Alchemy and then re-installing it.

SDL Content Manager
New Feature Application to automatically restart SDL Services after servers restart

When a server is restarted, the SDL services that run workflow and publishing may not start in the correct order causing them to appear as if they are running but they are not available. This task created an application that will correct this automatically when a server is restarted.

SDL Content Manager, YM Publishing Tool (YMS)
New Feature VUM Custom Outbound Rule for Expert Rule Creation - new option needed

This task made it possible to create even more complex rules.

Task Move VUM database

This task moved a database into a shared resource group to help consolidate production databases for cost savings measures.


New Projects

The team has begun work on three new projects: Media Library (this will introduce streaming video and audio storage to the Profile System for people, organizations, news and events), CV Builder (to generate faculty CVs from the profile system), and a rebuild of the Flyerboard, the school's digital signage system. While these projects will not launch until 2018, below is a list of tasks the team completed this week:

Type Title Description Project
Task Add CosmosDB integration

Integrate Azure CosmosDB as data storage in Signage project

Task CosmosDB investigations

Investigate Azure CosmosDB, determine benefits and drawbacks of using it in Signage project

Task Develop DB structure for Flyerboard Configs

Develop object models for storing config data in Signage project

Task Configure ESLint

Configure tool for checking code's formatting errors for the Signage project

Task Configure Webpack for the Flyerboard front-end

Configure tool for generating client-side result bundles in the Signage project

Task Create basic React/Redux project structure

Create basic structure of the client-side for the Signage project

Task Add controller for passing index.html to the client-side

Pass the main index.html file to the client-side for the Signage project

Task Add logic for passing screen's XML config to the client-side

Pass screen's configs to the client-side in the Signage project

Task Add logic for dynamically getting screen's XML config

Add logic for getting screen's XML config in the Signage project

Task Configure AutoMapper for Flyerboard back-end

Configure library for mapping objects in the Signage project

Task Configure Dependency injection for Flyerboard back-end

Configure library for dependency injection in the Signage project

Task Create initial project structure for Flyerboard back-end

Create basic structure of the server-side for the Signage project


Submitted by Justin Fansler on December 07, 2017