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Web Systems Release Notes: 2017.48

November 30, 2017
by Justin Fansler

This morning, the Tech Team released version 2017.48, which covers software development work completed over the past week.

Also, as of 1pm, the profile system is fully operational again (including the YM Publishing Tool). Early this morning, our team reconfigured a piece of the school's web infrastructure and, in the process, discovered that we needed Yale ITS to reissue a security certificate. It took longer that we would have liked to get the certificate and bring the system back online. We sincerely apologize for the prolonged outage.

Yale Medicine Website and Editing

Below is a list of updates that were made to, along with the YM Publishing Tool used to edit condition articles, feature stories, and doctor bios:

Type Title Description Category
Bug YM Preview site is not correctly reading JS/CSS

The YM preview site appeared without any style or formatting for a couple hours during Thursday morning (11/30).

YM Website
Bug Title on Video Profile for Doctors should use the "Title" field set for the video in YMS

This updates the title displayed on video profiles to use the title entered in the YM publishing tool. See

YM Website
New Feature Move Dek copy for Stories above the Hero image or video

Moved the YM "Dek" text higher on the page and closer to the Story title.

YM Website
Sub-task Adjust "Related Organizations" sidebar box to include all parents

Show all parent Organizations in the "Related Organizations" box that appears in the side column of YM Department pages.

YM Website
Story Update the data feeds to display all parent orgs for organizations with dual parents in department "Related Organizations" box

For organizations with dual parents, show both parent organizations in the "Related Organizations" sidebar box on department pages.

YM Website, Data Feeds
Sub-task Adjust existing breadcrumbs feed or create new feed to include all parents of an organization (including dual parents)

This feed enhancement describes more accurately Organizations with multiple parent Organizations.

Data Feeds
New Feature Add ability to filter by Organization on Manage Concepts screen

This makes it possible to view Concepts associated with a given Organization's Specialties on the Manage Concepts page (

YM Publishing Tool (YMS)
Task Rename Story "Category" to "Type" in the codebase on Yale Medicine website side.

This refactoring brings YM code into better agreement with the way Stories are represented in the YMS database.

YM Publishing Tool (YMS)
Task Rename Story "Category" to "Type" in the codebase on Profile System (YMS) side.

Rename 'Story Category' to 'Story Type' in the codebase of YMS including changes in the database, web services, business layer.

YM Publishing Tool (YMS)
New Feature Vanity URL Manager should strip /index.html out of URLs on the way out

The two URLs and point to the same page but when using web analytic software they can appear as different pages. This task eliminates "/index.html" from appearing.

Project Tools
Task Consider changing the "Default Page" setting in Google Analytics

Google Analytics reports showed incorrect links to content without a file extension, such as Yale Medicine stories and condition articles. Updated GA settings to correct.

Project Tools
Task Provide the URL for a cropped image in feed for "monthly digest" notifications

The "monthly digest" email for YM members will now include images cropped to efficient sizes. Please note that this email is not yet being sent.


School of Medicine Websites

Below is a list of updates made to the T3 YSM websites:

Type Title Description
Bug Template 3 Main Navigation Subnav Flickering Bug

Navigation dropdown menus sometimes appeared and disappeared rapidly in certain cases when it should be displaying normally.

Bug Dev T3 Image Server Profile Images

Images were not appearing properly in YSM website development environment.

New Feature Add "- Present" for date range of professional service if there is no end date in T3

Added "- Present" for still active Professional Services in T3 doctor profiles.

New Feature Create Security File Cleanup Web Job

The T3 websites creates XML files to accommodate access restrictions. This task was to implement software that would remove files that have expired.

News and People Profile System

Below is a list of updates made to the system used to edit profiles for people and organizations, along with news, events, and clinical trials:

Event Calendar

Type Title Description
Bug Certain Imported Events Cannot be Added as Featured Events to a Calendar

Adding "featured events" to the Weekly Digest failed with some older, imported events.

New Feature Change EventOccurrence List Feed Object so All Day events appear until startdate is after All Day Event endDate

Updated the data feeds to keep "all day events" displaying in event listings after they have begun.


Below is a list of updates made to websites and systems to meet WCAG A and AA accessibility standards:

Type Title Description Category
New Feature Add heading to Search Results pages

For accessibility, our Search Results pages now have better headings.

YM Website

Infrastructure and Backend Systems

Much of the team's work is never seen, but important projects are ongoing to make sure our systems and websites are stable, highly available, and cost effective. We continue making major improvements to our infrastructure and work in this area will be ongoing into 2018.

Type Title Description Cateogry
New Feature Setup European Search Index

Based on previous research, setup a production worthy search index in Northern Europe and begin to build out the global redundancy solution.

Azure Search Index
Bug Include external dependencies into DD4T.Utilities NuGet packages

Setup for Template 3 search to use new navigation service for breadcrumbs.

New Feature Geo-Redundancy for SQL Data - YMS

This is an effort to create more ge-redundancy with our SQL databases so that we can easily failover to a different part of the world if the location where our primary SQL database are located has a disaster (natural like hurricanes or other).

Infrastructure, YMS DB
Task Shrink disk sizes on SDL Development environment

The development environment uses three disks. This task is to combine the three into a smaller, more cost effective disk.

Story Migrate away from Technolutions Media Library Platform

Multiple month project to acquire original media files from Technolutions, load content from Technolutions to Vimeo, update/republish SDL components and pages, make changes to source code to play new Vimeo files and produce progress reports for auditing at numerous milestones within the project.

Media Library, T3 YSM Websites, Technolutions Data
Bug SSL Certificates for Profile System

Request and apply SSL certificates for the Profile System to fix the outage experienced on Nov 30.

Profile.Yale.Edu (YMS Admin), Data Feeds
New Feature New Login for Minsk Team to remote into servers

The development team in Minsk performs deployments early morning our time and sometimes requires restarting SDL services. Prior to having this login, they had to wait several hours for us to get into the office to assist, this will allow them to perform the task without hindering the deployment.

SDL Content Delivery, SDL Content Manager, SDL Core Service
Task Resize virtual machines that are oversized

Shrunk the size of three virtual servers which were scaled larger than necessary.

SDL Content Delivery, SDL Content Manager, Yale HR Systems
Bug Unable to republish multiple items from publishing queue on

This is a feature used for SDL Administrators that stopped working after our 8.5 upgrade. It works again.

SDL Content Manager
New Feature Migrate production SDL CM database to new drive

The main SQL databases for SDL were moved to make resource allocation on the server more efficient and cost effective.

SDL Content Manager
New Feature Delete SQL Backup drive on prod SDL CME server

The SQL backups were moved to use less expensive storage. This task deleted the disk from the server.

SDL Content Manager
New Feature Create web job to cleanup old SQL backups

SQL Backup files are about 200GB in size and are created multiple times a day, this task created an application that now deletes the files that are older than 100 hours.

SDL Content Manager
New Feature Update all Technolutions Video components in Live Broker

This replaced the Technolutions unique identifier stored in SDL to the Vimeo playback URL so that the videos will come from Vimeo instead of Technolutions.

SDL Content Manager, SDL Core Service
Task Audit the converted Technolutions Content and review

Produced a report of all the Technolutions audio/video content that was moved to Vimeo and updated in SDL to identify potential problems.

T3 YSM Websites
Bug VUM Rule that will not pass standard validation editor

There are many tests in place to ensure rules are valid before entering the system, since a single poorly written rule can cause all our websites to stop working. This bug is to allow a special rule type to enter the system even though it appears to fail normal validation.

New Feature Improve management of user permission for the vanity url manager interface

Users can now be managed in a SQL database instead of editing a configuration file that would require deploying the application each time user permissions must change.

Task Update scripts on Sync VM

Updated the scripts used for our daily data sync with Workday.

Yale HR Systems
Task Migrate YM dev/acceptance deployment to newly created app services

Updated YM deployment process in order to deploy to newly created app services.

YM Website

New Projects

The team has begun work on the three new projects: Media Library (this will introduce streaming video and audio storage to the Profile System for people, organizations, news and events), CV Builder (to generate faculty CVs from the profile system), and a rebuild of the Flyerboard, the school's digital signage system. While these projects will not launch until 2018, below is a list of tasks the team completed this week:

Type Title Description Project
Task Add dropdown when "committe" is selected in Honor&Services→Professional Services->Add service->Category

Added a new dropdown when the user selects "Committe" from dropdown Honor&Services→Professional Services→ Add Service→ Category which captures the commitee type

CV Builder
Task Flyerboard project preparation

As the team begins to rebuild the Flyerboard application, this task was to investigate the current Flyerboard project architecture, the infrastructure currently used, and create a basic project plan for the rebuild. We antitipcate this project completing in March 2018.

Sub-task Add DB update requests to Azure Function

This task is about the creation of appropriate records in a database when media was uploaded and adding updates after it was encoded.

Media Library
Submitted by Justin Fansler on November 30, 2017