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Thank you!

April 17, 2020

We wanted to take an opportunity and communicate to you that our entire Yale PCCSM team have been awestruck by the courage and esprit de corps exhibited by so many of our YSM colleagues have joined forces with us to help care for the increasing numbers of critically ill COVID-19 patients in our units. We feel that the commitment and dedication exhibited without hesitation by so many of our colleagues who do not regularly care for medically critically ill patients need to be highlighted. Leaving your comfort zone is no easy task in normal times. But to be able to do it in the face of stress, uncertainty and even potential personal risk is simply nothing short of heroic. Even with incoming help, our teams are overstretched and overworked. It's hard to imagine where we would be without them, and how our patients would be faring without their skills and compassion.

We are grateful and proud to have such extraordinary colleagues.

Drs. Naftali Kaminski, Lynn Tanoue, Shyoko Honiden and Jonathan Siner, on behalf of all members of Yale PCCSM, fellows, faculty and staff.

Submitted by Liz Pantani on April 17, 2020