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Reunion 2019: Class of 1959 60th Reunion report

June 14, 2019

The class of 1959 enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Quinnipiack Club. Here’s news from reunion attendees:

Ronald De Conti, MD: This reunion has been a goal of mine since the last one and I am enjoying it, immensely. Hope to make another. Elizabeth, age 93, (and I have become??) a resident of the Tampa Yale Alumni Club. I frequent Panera’s for coffee. I lend my support(?) to three Tumor Boards weekly.

Robert (Sue) Fisher, MD: We are loving our senior-retirement home at Duncaster in Bloomfield, CT, near Hartford. Lots of programs, concerts, social event, etc. I still take piano lessons, study German and leisurely plays and wins at bridge.

Gerald (Lois) Gordon, MD: Still in Syracuse after all these years, but we’re very happy to be back in New Haven for our 60th. Not only is it great to see classmates who are all great and good friends, but it brings back memories of the best four years of my educational career. We were truly fortunate to have an educational institution that treated you like an adult and you were responsible for learning what you need to know. Everyone was helpful since there was not competition like at many other schools. Thanks Nick for giving us the chance to remember those times.

William Heydorn, MD: I am no long on any one’s payroll; retired in April 2016. However, I continue to work at swimming over a half mile every day, singing with the Don’t Give Up Your Day Job Chorus, and writing a book. Not enough time to do all the things that I put off until I retired. Too late for golf, drawing, and piano lessons. My daughter Kathy Winkler and Son-in-law Peter McIntosh attended with me.

Malcolm (Audrey) Ing: Enjoying practice – still but about three-fourths as I worked 5 years ago. Teaching ophthalmology to University of Hawaii medical students and writing papers, etc. I have been surfing but using bigger boards and smaller waves these days. Some golfing with Audrey. Always happy to refresh my memory of great times at Yale medical school. Aloha!

John Marsh, MD: Enjoying retirement in Williamsburg, VA. Keeping busy in life-long learning classes, civil war roundtable, church choir, etc. Lost Carol a year ago after 62 wonderful years together.

Peter (Joy) Molloy: We enter the ninth decade with a few blessings. Enjoying our seaside home and lovable springer spaniels. We have six grandkids ranging from 8 to 24 spreads from Texas, Wyoming, New York and Maine. Even have a pre-med grandson at Colby College.

Joseph (Susan) Saccio: I continue to work at my studio, full-time and will have my first museum show. My swan-song probably, this November at the Housatonic Museum in Bridgeport. The opening is November 7, 2019. If you happen to be in the area, please come. Those nearby should come if it’s possible! Otherwise I’m gradually deteriorating like the rest of us.

Also in attendance, during the weekend, were Jack Bowers, Edwin Clayton, Sidney Cohen, Robert Gonyea, Leonard Inker, Herbert Kaufmann, Kristaps Keggi, Nicholas Passarelli, James O'Neill, Lincoln Potter, Marc Schwartz, Richard Senfield, Muriel Wolf

Submitted by Tiffany Penn on June 17, 2019