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Profiles in Survivorship: Scott Capozza

June 07, 2024

Scott Capozza, testicular cancer survivor.

Since being diagnosed with cancer at a young age, I’ve learned…that the path as a survivor is not always a straight line. My immediate post cancer treatment years were great. I resumed running and ran several marathons, returned to a relatively normal social life, and started my career as a physical therapist for the Smilow Cancer Hospital Survivorship Clinic. Marriage, house, kids, job…everything was going great. What I do not remember signing up for was all the late and long-term side effects of cancer treatment, which I have been dealing with more over the last few years. For pediatric cancer and adolescents and young adult cancer survivors who could potentially have decades of life ahead of them, these late and long-term side effects are a perpetual consequence for surviving cancer. My hope is that better options will be available to all cancer survivors with all stages and all disease types in the not-so-distant future.

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Submitted by Eliza Folsom on May 31, 2024