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Nine YSM Staff Recognized With Linda K. Lorimer Award for Distinguished Service

November 14, 2023

Nine staff members from Yale School of Medicine (YSM) have been honored with the Linda K. Lorimer Award for Distinguished Service. They were among 24 staff from across the university who were selected to receive the award. The awards were presented by Yale President Peter Salovey in a ceremony at the President’s House on Nov. 13.

Now in its 10th year, the Lorimer award recognizes staff members whose work supports and furthers Yale’s achievement of its core mission. The honorees, nominated by their peers, exemplify Yale’s spirit of leadership, innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

Learn more about the Linda K. Lorimer Award, including award eligibility, the nomination process, criteria, and past winners.

2023 Award Recipients From Yale School of Medicine

Patricia Genero (Senior Administrative Assistant, Department of Neurology)

Patricia created resources that have transformed critical departmental processes at Yale Neurology, improving access to vital information, facilitating swift decision-making during emergencies, and contributing greatly to the department’s mission of delivering outstanding patient care. Her innovation, attention to detail, collaboration, and selflessness have left an indelible mark on the department.

Natalie Kil (Manager, Research, Department of Internal Medicine)

Natalie has worked tirelessly to improve the health of the New Haven community, partnering with local health services to curb the opioid epidemic and launching groundbreaking harm-reduction programs to prevent the spread of HIV, among other health initiatives. The impact of this innovative work is a testament to her visionary leadership and collaborative spirit.

Nicholas Licht (Program Manager, Office of Physician-Scientist and Scientist Development)

Through collaborations within and beyond campus, Nicholas implemented a range of critical career development programs and resources and led a new approach to faculty mentoring for his department. These initiatives have significantly enhanced career opportunities and retention by cultivating a culture of mentorship and inclusivity, especially among early-career faculty.

Kyle Pedersen (Director, Connecticut Mental Health Center Foundation)

Through his work at the Connecticut Mental Health Center and in the Department of Psychiatry, Kyle has had a sustained and exceptional influence on the front lines of mental health care in New Haven. His outstanding commitment to service, leadership development, and belonging in the workplace has benefited countless lives and left a profound and lasting impression on the organizations he supports.

Lena Smith Parker (Senior Program Leader and Relationship Manager, YSM Office of Communications)

As a highly collaborative, experienced, and trusted partner, Lena worked with teams across the university to implement critical enhancements to the Yale School of Medicine’s website. Thanks to her leadership, the website is a valuable and accessible resource for the medical school community and has played a significant role in recent reaccreditation efforts.

Team from the Yale Center for Molecular Discovery

  • Laura Abriola (Biotechnology Associate)
  • Nalini Dhingra (Staff Scientist)
  • Yulia Surovtseva (Director)
  • Sheila Umlauf (Biotechnology Associate)

This small but mighty team at the Yale Center for Molecular Discovery has made exceptional contributions to diverse research initiatives across the university. The highly customized services they provide give investigators the insights they need to support their innovative approaches. This team’s expertise, commitment to customer satisfaction, and ability to stay at the forefront of technology have been instrumental in advancing the work of Yale’s research community.

Congratulations to all the honorees!

Submitted by Robert Forman on November 14, 2023