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Matthew Grossman Receives Prestigious Pediatrics Award

July 26, 2018
by Adrian Bonenberger

Monday, July 23, Matthew Grossman, MD, HS ‘06, assistant professor of pediatrics, received the 2018 Pediatric Hospital Medicine Award for Quality and Patient Safety from the Academic Pediatric Association. Celebrating Grossman’s innovative work improving patient safety, including outcomes for infant children born opioid-dependent, the award offers testimony to Grossman’s impact in New Haven as quality and safety officer at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital, and around the country. Previous treatments had focused on chemical solutions or abstinence. Grossman’s unexpectedly successful procedure involves replacing chemical dependency with the natural bond between infant and mother.

“The moms are the treatment for the babies, but the babies are also the treatment for the moms. It is entirely family-centered care,” said Grossman earlier this year while accepting Yale Medicine’s fourth annual Excellence in Quality and Safety Award for his accomplishments.

Submitted by Adrian Bonenberger on July 26, 2018