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Lampert Elected into the Association of University Cardiologists

January 15, 2021
by Elisabeth Reitman

Rachel Lampert, MD, FACC, was inducted into the Association of University Cardiologists (AUC) and presented at their annual meeting on Thursday, January 14, 2021. Founded in 1961 by George E. Burch, MD, the AUC includes up to 135 academic cardiologists in the United States. New members are selected by their peers.

Lampert joined the Yale Cardiovascular Medicine faculty in 1996. She was promoted to assistant professor of medicine the following year. Lampert is a nationally recognized expert on the care of athletes with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator, or ICD. Her experience caring for patients with atrial fibrillation was recently featured in the American College of Cardiology COVID-19 Hub. She serves as an active member of the Heart Rhythm Society, American College of Cardiology, and the Leadership Council for Sports and Exercise.

The Yale School of Medicine has a long and distinguished history with the AUC. Lawrence Cohen, MD, served as president from 1991-1992 and Jeffrey Bender, MD, also served as president from 2014-2015. Other current AUC members include Barry Zaret, MD, and Eric Velazquez, MD, chief of cardiovascular medicine at the Yale School of Medicine and physician-in-chief of the Yale New Haven Hospital Heart & Vascular Center.

“Dr. Lampert was selected for AUC membership based on her distinguished accomplishments in electrophysiology. She has advanced our knowledge concerning the care of patients with arrhythmias and through her important research explored the relationship between emotional stress and sudden cardiac death. Her commitment to her patients and to investigating the underpinnings of disease serve as an example for our section,” says Velazquez.

Submitted by Elisabeth Reitman on January 15, 2021