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Honoring YCSC faculty & staff for long-term service at Yale

May 31, 2024

Nearly 80 members of the Yale Child Study Center (YCSC) community came together via Zoom on May 29, 2024 to recognize long-term service to the university. Forty-eight community members were honored for their respective years of service at Yale, from 5 up to 45 years. In line with university guidelines, long-term service is recognized annually, in five-year increments based on the current fiscal year (July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024). YCSC Chair Linda Mayes, MD opened the meeting with a warm welcome and later noted, “It’s amazing that we have people with us for 35 years and more. I so appreciate what everyone has given, along with this time to pause, honoring and marking the passage of time.”

Congratulations to all!

Five years

Uche Aneni
Erin Brough
Nicholas Cavallaro
Taylor Collins
Elizabeth Connors
Amanda Dettmer
Linda Drozdowicz
Pauline Dutka
Oscar Axel Gerdner
Adam Lombroso
Olivia Martinez
Peg Oliveira
Victor Avila Quintero
Maya Spell
Linda Torv
Wan-Ling Tseng

Ten years

Suman Baddam
Craig Bailey
Nancy Brown
Laura Ciarleglio
Renee Cifarelli
Jasmine Gonzalez
Sherry Guyear
Jessica Hoffmann
Jessica Mayo
Soraya Scuderi
Monica Mleczek
Kimberly Streater-Adams

Fifteen years

Kari Cifarelli
Charlton Daye
Jennifer Gereda
Ellen Hoffman
Milagros Lopez-Diaz
Michelle Lugo
Brittany Redman
Helena Rutherford

Twenty years

Benedicte Aarestrup
Michael Bloch
Leah Booth
Roger Jou

Twenty-five years

Linda Isakson
Christiana Mills
Adam Naples

Thirty years

Colleen Vadala

Thirty-five years

Laurie Cardona

Forty years

Lawrence Vitulano

Forty-five years

George Anderson

Submitted by Crista Marchesseault on May 31, 2024