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Enter the YSM/YNHH Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds Pitchfest

September 24, 2020
by Elisabeth Reitman

We are pleased to announce the inaugural Yale New Haven Hospital (YNHH) Heart and Vascular Center and Section of Cardiovascular Medicine Pitchfest. This program is sponsored by the YNHH Center for Healthcare Innovation and the Section of Cardiovascular Medicine, and the Joshua C. Gibson, M.D., Memorial Fund for Heart Research with a total prize award of $7,000.

The event will convene Yale’s leading innovators and healthcare experts for a 2-week Yale Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds series on December 1 and December 8 of 2020.

December 1 will feature a Pitch Competition as outlined below. ALL INTERESTED ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY. NO PRIOR PITCH EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

December 8, 2020 will feature a talk by our guest judge, Michael Singer MD, PhD and practical how-to talks by Margaret Cartiera, PhD at the Center for Health Care Innovation and others. The talks will describe available resources, provide advice on how-to move from idea to successful innovation, and the importance and availability of mentorship within our institutions.

Application Process

Applications will be reviewed by a small group of faculty who will keep all information confidential. Final decisions on applicants who will be moving forward will be made by reviewers and will be communicated to applicants in advance of the pitch competition. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Showcasing technologies that provide clinically effective solutions to real healthcare problems that improve patient outcomes
  • Clearly communicated solutions that fulfill user needs and are captured in a detailed and compelling business case/business plan
  • A collaborative team that demonstrates diversity of thought, cohesion, and the capability to execute proposed innovations

Applications will be accepted until Monday, November 16.


This challenge is open to existing startups of all stages. Staff, clinicians, researchers, faculty and student teams of Yale New Haven Health or Yale University are invited to submit proposals. Eligible fields include care delivery solutions, diagnostics, digital health technology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biopharmaceutics or fundamental biology. The intellectual property practices or guidelines of each respective institution will apply to employed awardees.

Request for Submission

To apply, please submit an online proposal. Again, the application deadline is Monday, November 16.

Submitted by Elisabeth Reitman on September 23, 2020