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Dr. Daniel Colón-Ramos Joins as Co-Director of Minority Affairs

January 12, 2016

We would like to announce that Dr. Daniel Colón-Ramos will be joining us as Co-Director of Minority Affairs for the BBS Program. Dr. Colón-Ramos is an Associate Professor of Cell Biology and Neuroscience. His lab is interested in the development of neuronal circuitry using C. elegans as a model system. Dr. Colón-Ramos was born and raised in Puerto Rico and is the co-founder of CienciaPR, a non-profit organization that promotes research and education in Puerto Rico. Dr. Colón-Ramos is a dedicated advocate towards the promotion of diversity in biomedical sciences. He has been actively involved in promoting diversity in the biomedical sciences and we welcome him as part of the team here in the BBS Program.

Submitted by Bonnie Ellis on January 12, 2016