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Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital physicians recognized as Connecticut Magazine 'Best Doctors'

June 02, 2021

Connecticut Magazine has named 90 Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital physicians to its 2021 Best Doctors guide. Published in the magazine’s June issue, the 'Best Doctors' list consists of more than 1,500 Connecticut physicians from nearly 40 medical specialties.

According to Connecticut Magazine, the 'Best Doctors' list connects individuals facing difficult medical treatment decisions with the best doctors, selected by an impartial peer review to evaluate their diagnosis and treatment plans.

“We are very proud of our exceptionally talented physicians who were selected to be recognized as Connecticut’s Best Doctors,” said Nita Ahuja, MD, MBA, FACS, Interim Director of Yale Cancer Center and Interim Physician-in-Chief at Smilow Cancer Hospital, William H. Carmalt Professor of Surgery, and Chair of Surgery. “Our faculty are leaders in cancer research and are committed to providing compassionate, state-of-the-art care to our patients.”

The following Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital faculty are included in this year’s list:

Nita Ahuja, MD, MBA

Michael, Alperovich MD

Harry Aslanian, MD

Masoud Azodi, MD

Joachim Baehring, MD

Allen Bale, MD

Jean Bolognia, MD

Robert Bona, MD

D. Barry Boyd, MD

Veronica Chiang, MD

Joyce Chung, MD

Michael Cohenuram, MD

John Colberg, MD

Neera Dahl, MD, PhD

Frank Detterbeck, MD

Beverly Drucker, MD, PhD

Richard Edelson, MD

Sukru Emre, MD

Neal Fischbach, MD

Francine Foss, MD

Gary Friedlaender, MD

Scott Gettinger, MD

Michael Girardi, MD

Earl Glusac, MD

Cary Gross, MD

David Hafler, MD

Andrew Haims, MD

Roy Herbst, MD, PhD

Susan Higgins, MD

Dickerman Hollister, MD

Elizabeth Holt, MD, PhD

Nina Horowitz, MD

Karl Insogna, MD

Silvio Inzucchi, MD

Gary Israel, MD

Dhanpat Jain, MD

Priya Jamidar, MBChB

Michele Johnson, MD

Kimberly Johung, MD/PhD

Benjamin Judson, MD

Nina Kadan-Lottick, MD

Jennifer Kapo, MD

Anamika Katoch, MD

Martin Katz, MD

Patrick Kenney, MD

Sajid Khan, MD

Sanjay Kulkarni, MD

John Kveton, MD

Jill Lacy, MD

Donald Lannin, MD

Johanna LaSala, MD

Stephen Lattanzi, MD

M. Sung Lee, MD

Alfred Lee, MD, PhD

David Leffell, MD

Walter Longo, MD

David Madoff, MD

Kelsey Martin, MD

Bruce McGibbon, MD

Saral Mehra, MD

Jon Morrow, MD, PhD

Jeffrey Orell, MD

Pasquale Patrizio, MD

John Persing, MD

Daniel Petrylak, MD

Joseph Piepmeier, MD

Jeffrey Pollak, MD

Jennifer Possick, MD

Lajos Pusztai, MD

Susan Rabinowe, MD

Vikram Reddy, MD

David Rimm, MD, PhD

Kenneth Roberts, MD

Ronald Salem, MD

Alessandro Santin, MD

Sangini Sheth, MD

Peter Schwartz, MD

Dinesh Singh, MD

Gordon Sze, MD

Mario Sznol, MD

Lynn Tanoue, MD

Hugh Taylor, MD

Mary Tomayko, MD, PhD

James Vredenburgh, MD

Jeffrey Weinreb, MD

Robert Weiss, MD

Lynn Wilson, MD, MPH

David Witt, MD

George Yavorek, MD

Nwanmegha Young, MD

The full list of physicians can be accessed online at the Connecticut magazine website.

Submitted by Renee Gaudette on June 02, 2021