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YJBM Arts & Humanities: Collido-scope, Exposed?, 2022, by Mary L. Peng

December 07, 2022
Mary L. Peng (b. 1998)
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Yale School of Public Health ‘23
New Haven, CT, USA
Collido-scope, Exposed?, 2022 , 100 cm X 100 cm, Digital

Inspired by the complexity of mental health, Collido-scope, Exposed? grapples with the challenge of navigating the kaleidoscopic, multilayered, and dynamic nature of the human mind in psychiatric and public mental health research. It is a portrait of the interconnectedness and constant collision between external socio-cultural occurrences and the reality that the human mind constructs and perceives, as much as an acknowledgement of the limitation of human perception and reasoning faculty in exhaustively comprehending the inner working of every human mind. As reductionism and the propensity for generalization and standardization underlie modern medical and scientific endeavors, where do individuals’ unique embodied experiences fit into medical diagnosis and treatment? How can medical professionals better understand the unique collido-scope of each mental health patient’s social, physical, emotional, and psychological well-being? As the medical landscape shifts towards patient-centered care, these questions demand meticulous deliberation.

Submitted by Kate Woodford on December 08, 2022