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Checklist: Items to check on your T4 website

July 17, 2019
by Justin Fansler, Mark Albis, Liz Pantani, Claudia Davis and Cayetana C. Navarro

To help focus your efforts in reviewing T4 websites, the Office of Communications has compiled a list of the top items web editors should check.

In conducting on own internal review, we've found that many of the issues we're seeing in T4 websites are content issues that exist on the live T3 websites. Before reporting a bug, please check your T3 website to confirm. If it is also an issue in T3, we recommend focusing updates on your T4 website.

Top Issues to Check in T4 Preview Websites

  1. Page looks really strange? First, try republishing. While we worked to republish all 27k Tridion pages, some may have not published correctly. Republish the page and check back a few minutes later to see if it looks correct.
  2. Mailing address in footer (update in Profile System organization page). Specifically, make sure the Name, Address Line 1 and Address Line 2 values are in the right fields in profile system. Also, add any social media accounts to your organization's profile page.
  3. Images that are too small: you will see these as a red box on your T4 website. Either select a new image size in the Tridion template or upload a larger image. An example of a page that needs image reviewed is at
  4. All captions are now displaying. Please update image captions to accurately describe the image or remove the caption. Please keep accessibility in mind! An example of images displaying is at
  5. Review the order of components on the page, specifically side column components that have been transferred to the main column. For example, single images in the right column are now in the main column. We recommend incorporating these images into content or updating the display size to full width.
  6. Use headings properly. Make sure you are using headings properly in all components, particularly content components. Your best bet is to use the heading fields (title, paragraph heading). Please do not add headings (<h2>, <h3>) manually to the text and tables field.
  7. News Widgets designs have been updated and now they have different numbers of items per column. Adjust the "number of articles to display in widgets" to make them better balance. Here is an example of widgets that can be adjusted to enhance the display of the page
  8. Enter a title in your lists for FAQ templates, otherwise a default title "Frequently Asked Questions" will appear. An example on a properly formatted list is at
  9. Check placement of content in tabs. Because side column content has moved to the main column, some items may have been reorganized incorrectly. An example of a page with tabs can be seen here
  10. Update Button Iconography to more appropriate icon if necessary.
  11. Wide Images are now Call To Action. In T3, title and description text did not appear anywhere on the page when the Wide Image template was used. It is possible that text could appear on Call to Action templates. If you used the Wide Image template in T3, please review the pages using the new Call To Action template to ensure it looks ok. You may want to select an overlay color in the color field to provide better contrast for the text, or just remove the text from the title and description fields. If you need help finding these templates on your sites, please let us know.

If you'd like help, please come to one of our Walk-In Workshops to work directly with the web support team.

Submitted by Justin Fansler on July 17, 2019