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Nalini Vadivelu was featured in international quarterly newsletter, “Voices of Vellore” for her donation of approximately 20,000 US dollars worth of GLA Masks.

May 03, 2020

Nalini Vadivelu developed Private Ltd (named after her mother), and has sold the first-generation laryngeal mask, Gnana Laryngeal Airway (GLA) to hospitals across India. The small company has been doing well with the mot- to of honesty and diligence. Motivated by the need of people in Vellore, which I remembered seeing as a medical student. Coupled with the good work that CMC always does, we decided to make an in-kind contribution of 1,000 GLA masks as well as a cash donation to the new Chittoor campus. It is a joy to know that many people who cannot afford to pay for care can now be helped by my invention.

The second-generation mask, the GLA4, is now on US soil. It obtained FDA clearance and state license and is currently housed in a Connecticut facility, and the GLA4 can now be sold in the USA. We are also currently working to bring other sizes of GLA into the USA.

With nothing but a small drawing, big dreams, and wonderful and overwhelming support that cannot be shaken, it happened. Throughout this journey, CMC and CMC graduates have been an integral part of my life. Thank you for your blessings and support.

Submitted by Garrett Sendlewski on May 04, 2020