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Grilo Guest Co-Editor on Special Issue of American Psychologist

February 14, 2020

Carlos Grilo, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry and of Psychology and Director of the Yale Program for Obesity Weight and Eating Research, served as guest co-editor on a special issue titled "Obesity: Psychosocial and Behavioral Aspects of a Modern Epidemic" in the February/March issue of the American Psychologist, the official peer-reviewed scholarly journal of the American Psychological Association.

This special issue includes a collection of papers from psychologists who are internationally recognized experts in obesity addressing a range of topics.

Grilo and his co-editor, David Sarwer, PhD, Associate Dean and Director of the Center for Obesity Research and Education at Temple University, note that the collection “highlights the substantial contributions that many psychologists have made to the contemporary understanding of the development and treatment of obesity … and lays the foundation for the roles that psychologists can play in arresting and reversing this modern epidemic.”

Their introduction to the special issue may be read here.

In addition, Grilo co-authored two papers in the special issue (Anne Kazak, the Editor-in-Chief, served as the editor for these two papers to eliminate potential conflicts of interest).

He is the is the first author on the paper “Randomized Controlled Trial Testing the Effectiveness of Adaptive ‘SMART’ Stepped-Care Treatment for Adults with Binge-Eating Disorder Comorbid With Obesity.” The paper, which includes Yale Department of Psychiatry faculty Marney A. White, PhD; Robin Masheb, PhD; Valentina Ivezaj, PhD; Peter Morgan, MD, PhD; and Ralitza Gueorguieva, PhD, as co-authors, reports on a treatment study funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Grilo is senior author on a second paper, “A Developmental Framework of Binge-Eating Disorder Based on Pediatric Loss of Control Eating,” that provides a developmental framework for binge-eating disorder based on pediatric loss of control eating and the importance that disordered eating behaviors play in the development of obesity.

Submitted by Christopher Gardner on February 14, 2020