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Meeting Your Team

This Multidisciplinary team meets weekly to ensure clear communication and seamless coordination of care while at YNHH. This special Tumor Board meeting enables focused case review and individualized care planning. Our healthcare team communicate regularly with your Primary Care or Referring Physician. 


  • Surgeons who specialize in the surgical treatment, excision or biopsy of solid tumors involving the brain or meninges. 
    • Dr Joseph Piepmeier 
    • Dr Jennifer Moliterno 

Neuro Oncologists 

  • Physicians with extensive experience and training in the medical management of tumors involving the CNS, including the brain, spinal cord and meninges. This usually involves chemotherapy. 
    • Dr Joachim Baehring 
    • Dr Kevin Becker 

Neuro Radiologists 

  • A specialized branch of radiology experts in their field who specialize in diagnosis of brain, peripheral nervous system, spine, head and neck using neuroimaging techniques such as computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). 
    • Dr. Robert Fulbright 

Radiation Oncologists 

  • A doctor who specializes in using different types of radiation to treat cancer. They assess the whole patient and determine the most appropriate and effective treatment for each type of tumor; for example, higher dose focused beam, or fractionated therapy (smaller daily dose over several weeks). Some of these Radiation Oncologists specialize in the treatment of primary vs. metastatic disease. The treatments described can be performed alone or in combination. 
    • Dr Contessa 
    • Dr Yu 
    • Dr Bindra


  • Neuropathology is the study of disease of the nervous system tissue, including the brain and central nervous system. Neuropathologists are experts are experts or specialists in tissue diagnosis, specifically related to the brain and central nervous system. 

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) 

  • Andrea Laudano, MSN RN; Neurosurgery 
  • Kathryn Medows, MSN RN; Medical Oncology Clinical Nurse Coordinators 
  • Anne Long, BSN RN; Neurosurgery 

Practice Nurse 

  • Kris Overstrum, BSN RN; Medical Oncology 

Clinical Trials Coordinator 

  • They help explain and manage the clinical trial process and consent. 

Sr. Administrative Assistants 

  • They are your initial contact person for our office; they coordinate your initial and follow-up appointments and provide some general introductory information. 
    • Sue Gehrmann (Neurosurgery)
    • Khalilah Fischer (Neuro Oncology) 

The Clinical Coordinator, APRN or each specialty care team can assess patient and family needs, and make appropriate referrals to support services as needed or requested. Some of the support services offered are listed below. 

Social Worker 

  • Licensed, experienced social workers are available to help you and your family cope with illness, discuss your concerns and connect you to a variety of hospital and community resources. They also help facilitate support groups for patients, caregivers, or loved ones. 


  • Can perform patient assessment to help optimize nutritional status, especially throughout the treatment and recovery phase. Can assist with diet modification, nutritional counseling, and oral hygiene to minimize treatment side-effects. 

Chaplain/ Spiritual Care 

  • Assists with multi-denominational spiritual needs of the oncology patient and family. Also explain and assist in completing Advance Directives, as requested by patients. 

Palliative Care 

  • Can be appropriate for seriously ill patients who experience difficult to treat symptoms like pain, nausea, and other symptoms. Assist in complex symptom management, family support, complex decision-making, conflicts over care goals, complex disposition planning.

Yale Brain Tumor Group