General Neurosurgery

As Yale New Haven Health System continues to experience significant growth and expansion, the Yale Department of Neurosurgery is also committed to providing excellence in patient care throughout the state of Connecticut and beyond. While certain types of neurological conditions warrant treatment within the advanced and renowned facilities of our New Haven based hospitals, including Smilow Cancer Hospital, others can be treated successfully with excellent outcomes by our experienced neurosurgeons closer to home. Yale-affiliated and practicing physicians provide care for patients locally in several regions throughout the state of Connecticut and can evaluate and assess conditions promptly. They are capable of treating patients locally or can facilitate the smooth and quick transfer to their New Haven- based colleagues and hospitals when appropriate. Dedication to excellent patient care is a commonality amongst all of our neurosurgeons, whether at the main campuses or in the community.

General Neurosurgeons

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Patrick Doherty, MD


Chief of Neurosurgery, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital - New London

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Juan Bartolomei, MD

Clinician in Neurosurgery


Yale Neurosurgery, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital - New London

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Luis Enrique Kolb, MD, BS

Clinician and Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery Spine

Special Programs

While our spine neurosurgeons have vast experience and expertise, practicing solely in a highly focused and specific area, we offer Special Programs with special attention.

Brain and Spinal Injury


Many patients are directed to Yale by their neurosurgeons because their problem is unusual or extremely complicated. Patients may also refer themselves. Patients are seen quickly usually within two weeks of calling the department. All patients referred to Yale benefit from the multi-disciplinary team approach that is an essential feature of our practice. Our surgeons maintain a close working relationship with many area neurosurgeons and welcome referrals. Care is taken to ensure the referring physician is kept current on diagnostic findings and treatment recommendations.