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Kavli Symposium: Cell Biology of Parkinson's Disease Genes

April 28-29, 2020

The Kavli Institute for Neuroscience  at Yale University will host the “Cell Biology of Parkinson’s Disease Genes” Meeting on April 28th and 29th, 2020.  The goal of this meeting is to bring together an international mix of scientists who share interests in the cell biology of Parkinson’s disease genes. Extensive genetic studies have successfully identified a large number of genes whose mutations cause Parkinson’s disease or increase disease risk. These exciting advances raise many important cell biology questions. By bringing together a complementary group of both fundamental cell biologists and Parkinson’s disease experts we seek to stimulate discussion that will help to advance understanding of how the genetics of Parkinson’s disease defines critical disease relevant cellular pathways.  Guided by the disease genetics, there will be special emphasis on genes implicated in mitochondrial biology, endosomes/lysosomes, autophagy and synaptic transmission.

Please register by February 25, 2020!