Goldman-Rakic Prize Lectures

Honoring Patricia Goldman-Rakic

Pasko Rakic, director of the Kavli Institute for Neuroscience, introduced the 2013 Goldman-Rakic NARSAD Distinguished Lecture. The event is named after his late wife, Patricia Goldman-Rakic, an eminent Yale neuroscientist, who is pictured in the slide.

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Stanford neuroscientist Karl Deisseroth

Deisseroth gave the Goldman-Rakic NARSAD Distinguished Lecture and described the development of a chemical-engineering technique, known as CLARITY, that renders intact brain tissue transparent.

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Karl Deisseroth

The 2013 Goldman-Rakic NARSAD prizewinner at dinner in New Haven, at the home of Pasko Rakic, director of the Kavli Institute for Neuroscience.

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Kavli Institute dinner

Members of the Kavli Institute for Neuroscience, along with Karl Deisseroth, 2013 Goldman-Rakic prizewinner, at dinner. They discussed President Obama's BRAIN Initiative, and how it is impacting the field of neuroscience.

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Kavli dinner guests

Neurobiologists Michael Crair, Gordon Shepherd and Nenad Sestan.

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Vincent Pieribone

Kavli Workshop presenter Vincent Pieribone, professor of cellular and molecular physiology and of neurobiology, and associate fellow at the John B. Pierce Laboratory, will be diving for bioluminescent marine species in the South Pacific this July.

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Richard Lifton and Amy Arnsten

Left to right: Kavli Institute Steering Committee member Richard Lifton, chairman of the department of genetics, and Amy Arnsten, Kavli member and professor of neurobiology and of psychiatry.

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Nenad Sestan

Kavli member Nenad Sestan, professor of neurobiology.

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Anthony Koleske and Vincent Pieribone

Left to right: Kavli Institute member Anthony Koleske, professor of molecular biophysics and biochemistry and of neurobiology, and Vincent Pieribone, professor of molecular and cellular physiology and of neurobiology.

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Daeyeol Lee

Kavli member Daeyeol Lee, professor in the departments of neurobiology and psychology.

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David McCormick

The 2014 Kavli Workshop on "Multineuronal Monitoring and Manipulation" was organized by David McCormick, vice-director, Kavli Institute for Neuroscience at Yale.

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Kavli Workshop participants

From left to right: Anthony Koleske, Vincent Pieribone and David McCormick, vice-director of the Kavli Institute. All three Yale neuroscientists presented at the 2014 Kavli Workshop on "Multineuronal Monitoring and Manipulation."

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Kavli Lectures

The Institute sponsors lectures featuring world-class researchers whose work relates to cerebral cortical function. The goal of these lectures is to stimulate the study of cortical function and its role in human thought.

Kavli Workshops

The Institute's annual or semi-annual workshops focus on the general topic of cerebral cortical organization, function, development and evolution. These meetings aim to foster the exchange of ideas and techniques among investigators from multiple fields who share the goal of understanding the functional properties of the cerebral cortex.

Kavli BRAIN Coffee Hours

This event series, supported by The Kavli Foundation, aims to bring together researchers from different backgrounds and areas of expertise to share their work and enhance interdisciplinary collaboration in neuroscience.