Recent Innovative Research Awards

Development of Synaptic and Activity Reporters For Human Neurons

Investigators: Sreeganga Chandra and In-Hyun Park

Illumination of Neural Circuit Deficits Resulting from Loss of hcASD Risk Genes and Identification of Pharmacological Treatments

Investigators: Ellen Hoffman and Michael Higley

Mapping Autism Regulatory Networks at Single-Cell Resolution in the Developing Cortex 

Investigators: James Noonan and Smita Krishnaswamy

Developing an Optical Approach for Quantifying Neuronal Input-Output Relationships In Vivo. 

Principal Investigator: Jessica Cardin

Collaborating Investigator: Michael Higley

Hypothalamic Control of the Prefrontal Cortex

Principal Investigator: Tamas Horvath

Advancing Microscopy Approaches For Optical Electrophysiology

Principal Investigator: Michael Nitabach

Collaborating Investigators: Vincent Pieribone, Michael Higley, Philipp Keller (Janelia Farm Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute)

Identify substrates of transcription-mediated synaptic plasticity

Investigator: Susumu Tomita

Develop, Characterize and Harness Novel Genetic Indicators of Neuronal Activity for In-Vivo Optical Neurophysiology

Investigators: Michael Crair and Vincent Pieribone

Continued Research on GABAergic Connections – Obtain Caged GABA Compound CDNI-GABA

Investigators: Ralph DiLeone and Michael Higley

Cell-Type Selective Knockdown of nAChR Subtypes in the Arcuate Nucleus

Investigators: Marina Picciotto and Xiao-Bing Gaoy

Microfluidics System for High Throughput Culture and Analysis of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Investigator: Flora Vaccarino and Gianfillippo Coppola

Development of STED Microscopy for Neurobiological Imaging

Investigator: Joerg Bewersdorf

In Vivo Multiphoton Microscopy of Neural Activity in Mouse Models of Epilepsy

Investigators: Hal Blumenfeld and Michael Levene

Developing an Integrated Viral and Optical Approach for Dissecting Neural Circuits

Investigator: Ralph Di Leone

Optrode Imaging/Recording System

Investigators: David McCormick, James Mazer, and Yves de Koninck