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Research at the Kavli Institute

Research Objectives

The objective of the Kavli Institute of Neuroscience is to support innovative activities in neuroscience at Yale and to foster a collaborative environment for the performance of interdisciplinary research at the forefront of the field.

Our research spans the full range of investigation from molecules to cells, circuits, and behavior, and addresses a broad spectrum of questions including:

  • How do molecules and organelles support the functions of neurons and other cells of the nervous system?
  • How are fundamental cellular properties adapted to the unique functions of neurons?
  • How do synapses between neurons operate?
  • How do genes encode neural circuits?
  • How do neural circuits develop, function, and undergo plastic changes?
  • How do neural circuits make decisions and generate behavior?
  • How are neurons and circuits repaired after insult?
  • What are the mechanisms of nervous system diseases, in particular neurodegeneration?

By initiating and supporting innovative, cross-cutting, and collaborative research, the Kavli Institute of Neuroscience seeks to facilitate elucidation of the answers to these timely and important questions.

Research Initiatives

The Kavli Institute for Neuroscience supports initiatives and research that have the greatest potential to advance the Institute's goals. Funding decisions are made by a steering committee and prioritize strategic investments. Funded projects are expected to open new ground for future investigations.