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July 30th:

Erdem Karatekin, PhD - Dynamics of membrane tension and synaptic vesicle recycling

Jamie Jeanne, PhD - Synaptic mechanisms of flexible behavior

August 8th:

Rui Chang, PhD - From connectome to transcriptome: developing a high-throughput Single-Neuron transcriptome Analysis based on Projections (SNAP-seq)

Qiancheng Zhao, PhD - Molecular and functional dissection of the heart-to-brain circuits

August 13th:

Marcus Tuttle, PhD - Phase transitions of neurodegenerative proteins analyzed by solid-state NMR

Anirvan Nandy, PhD - A paradigm shift in the study of complex social cognition

August 20th:

Huriye Atilgan, PhD - Mapping the cortical substrate for value-based decisions in mice

Phil Corlett, PhD - Understanding self-deception





Lectures and Seminars