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Kavli Workshop: "Genome Editing"

Shawn Ferguson, PhD
Assistant Professor, Cell Biology
“Harnessing CRISPR-mediated homology directed repair for the subcellular localization of proteins”
  Susumu Tomita, PhD
Professor, Neuroscience & Cellular and
Molecular Physiology
“Failures and successes with viral mediated CRISPR mutagenesis in the brain”
  Jun Lu, PhD
Associate Professor,  Genetics
“Molecular Chipper for CRISPR-based genetic screens”
  Sidi Chen, PhD
Assistant Professor, Genetics
“Genome editing in cancer modeling and screening”
  Timothy Nottoli, PhD
Research Scientist, Comparative Medicine
“CRISPR/Cas: Myth, Reality, and Possibility”


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Lectures and Seminars


Snacks: Refreshments.
Jun 201623Thursday
1:30 PM5:30 PM
Hope 110315 Cedar StNew Haven, CT