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Dr. Guido Falcone Selected for Michael S. Pessin Stroke Leadership Prize

March 08, 2021
by Allison Greco

The American Academy of Neurology has awarded Assistant Professor of Neurology Guido Falcone, MD, ScD with the 2021 Michael S. Pessin Stroke Leadership Prize in recognition of his outstanding achievements in stroke research.

Dr. Falcone was selected as the recipient of the award due to his unique and groundbreaking approach to furthering the understanding of intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH).

“Dr. Falcone has a unique interest in combining genetic analyses with neuroimaging to advance the field of ICH research. Among his contributions are performing a novel genome-wide study of ICH, [identifying] different risks for recurrent stroke among race/ethnic groups, and identifying risk factors for ICH-related anticoagulant use,” said the AAN.

As part of the Prize, he will also present on the genetic contribution of common genetic variation to the risk, severity, outcome, and recurrence of stroke, with emphasis on rapidly developing clinical applications for genomic data at the AAN 73rd Annual Meeting.

Dr. Falcone is a neurologist with subspecialty training in Neurocritical Care and Stroke and is an epidemiologist with expertise in population genetics and genomic medicine. While on clinical duties, he treats critically ill patients who have sustained significant neurological injuries.

His lab works at the interphase of clinical neurology, neuroimaging, and population and medical genetics with the goal of using genomic data and genetic analyses to identify novel therapeutic targets and precision medicine strategies to help stroke patients.

Congratulations, Dr. Falcone!

Submitted by Allison Greco on March 09, 2021