Postgraduate Training

The Department of Neurology offers advanced training for qualified individuals after residency training. Opportunities exist for clinical fellowships and a wide-variety of research fellowships that can be tailored to the specific interests of the trainee. Some of these fellowships can also be combined with degree granting programs to obtain Master's or PhD degrees.

Clinical Fellowships

The following formal clinical fellowship programs are established in the Yale Neurology Department.

Research Fellowships

There are many potential research fellowships available at Yale University. This is a common avenue to pursue for those who are interested in a career in academic neurology, and can greatly facilitate the success of junior neurologists who would like to further refine their academic interests before joining the faculty at a medical school. Examples of research fellowships that have been pursued by recent graduates of our neurology residency include:

Research Funding

Some research fellowships are supported by Yale University or are funded by research grants awarded to our faculty at Yale University. Others, especially those designed specifically for a fellow's individual career interests, require that the fellow apply for and obtain his/her own external funding. Although this may seem a daunting task to the uninitiated, our faculty are experienced in mentoring our residents in the skills needed to obtain this funding, and our residents have been exceptionally successful in competing for these grants. There are many advantages to the fellowship candidate in learning and successfully obtaining their own funding, such as the experience of developing a research proposal, the ability to pursue their own interests, and establishing that they are capable of independent funding. Funding sources for both clinical and basic science fellowships that have been obtained by previous members of our program are listed here:

Degree Granting Programs

Yale University offers unique programs for qualified individuals to obtain an advanced degree while also pursuing a research project. Examples include: