Other Opportunities

Attendance at National Meetings

Familiarity with members of the national and international academic neurology community is an important component of career development for those interested in joining the ranks of faculty at a university medical school. To facilitate this aspect of resident education, the Yale University Neurology Residency Program encourages and facilitates resident attendance at annual meetings of national societies of academic neurology, as well as selected educational programs held nationally. Most residents in our program can expect to attend at least one of these national meetings during their residency training. The costs for these meetings are defrayed by funding obtained through a variety of sources.

Educational Allowance for Neurology Residents

Every resident in the Yale Neurology Residency Program receives an educational allowance each year. During the 2017-18 academic year this allowance is $1,400 per resident. These funds can be spent for books, national meetings, neurological tools, educational technology, or a variety of other educational needs.

Resident Involvement in the AAN

The Department provides funding for membership in the American Academy of Neurology for all neurology residents. Residents obtain many benefits, including reduced rates for meeting attendance, the RITE exam, Continuum and the extensive educational resources provided by the academy.