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Yale Residents in Front of the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
Yale Residents 2017

Academic Opportunities

Discover the many research opportunities available to neurology residents.
The Department of Neurology offers advanced training for qualified individuals after residency training. Opportunities exist for clinical fellowships and a wide-variety of research fellowships that can be tailored to the specific interests of the trainee. Some of these fellowships can also be combined with degree granting programs to obtain Master's or PhD degrees.
One of the goals of our residency program is not only to create leaders in neurology, but also to develop good teachers to educate future generations of doctors. Yale neurology residents play an integral role in the curriculum of the medical school, and are involved in teaching activities in a variety of settings.

Yale Neurology Resident Blog

Visit the Yale Neurology Resident Blog to see some of the many accomplishments and experiences of our neurology residents.