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For referrals to any of the Neurology Clinics we ask that you please contact the specific clinic and provide the following information:

  • Demographics of the patient
  • Insurance information
  • Details about the nature of the problem
  • Any notes, reports or imaging results

This information can be easily filled out in our referral forms:

  1. Outpatient clinic visit
  2. Lumbar Puncture clinic
  3. Memory Clinic
  4. EMG/nerve conduction study
  5. EEG study
  6. Skin Biopsy Clinic

Once the referral is received we will contact the patient to schedule an appointment. After the patient is seen a full detailed note regarding the visit will be faxed to the referring provider.

Yale Brain Tumor Center

The physicians in our division and at Yale Brain Tumor Center are involved in a variety of research projects that focus on a better understanding of the mechanisms leading to brain cancer and neurologic complications of cancer as well as translation of this knowledge into new treatment strategies.

Program in Cellular Neuroscience, Neurodegeneration, and Repair (CNNR)

Established in 2006, the CNNR program aims to build on decades of research in molecular and cellular biology that have revealed a myriad of potential drug targets for neurological diseases.

Epilepsy Program

The Yale Epilepsy Program is a world center of research into the causes and treatment of epilepsy.