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Facilities Managed Rooms

Virtual Room Reservation System

Facilities Operations has upgraded to a new virtual room reservation system. You will now be able to browse for availability and submit a request to reserve space.

NOTE: Before you can access the system, you must create a user profile. The link below will open up a document with instructions on how to create a new user profile.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to setup your Virtual EMS Profile.

Please visit the YSM Online Room Scheduling site to create your user profile today.

The Facilities Operations Service Center will receive a notification when a new user profile has been submitted. The request for a new user profile will be reviewed for approval. Upon approval, you will receive an email stating that your profile has been activated. The email will include detailed instructions on how to reserve a room in the new virtual system.

Reservation Process

Requests for new reservations can only be submitted through June 20, 2014. When submitting a room reservation through the new virtual web system, you will receive what is referred to as a PENDING Room Summary email. This is NOT your confirmation. Your request is PENDING until it is reviewed and approved by one of our specialists. Upon approval, you will receive a room confirmation email.

New: A PTAEO number is now required for all room requests. Kindly note, you will not be charged to use the room. The PTAEO number will be kept on file in the event that the room is not returned to its original condition. You may be subject to a service charge if the room is not returned to its original condition. If you plan to serve food at your event, a Facilities Work Request is required for custodial services. A PTAEO number is required for processing.

If you know in advance that you will not be utilizing the room on a specific date, please log into the system and cancel your reservation so that the room(s) can be available to others.

If you need to adjust the date and/or time on a current reservation, please log into the system and utilize the Browse for Space option first to be sure that the change can be made before attempting to adjust your reservation.

NOTE: When browsing for space, anything blocked off in BLUE means that the room is not available for the requested time.

If you submitted a room request for TODAY or the NEXT BUSINESS DAY, please contact us directly at 203-432-6888. At that time, we will review the room request in our system and send you a confirmation email.

Policies and Procedures

The individual / department submitting a room reservation is responsible for arranging and paying for any of the below services if needed:

  • Should you require audio visual assistance or equipment, please contact Classroom Technology directly at 203-737-3404. These services are not included with room reservations.
  • YSM Courtyard / Outside event policy
  • If your request is for: Amistad Park / TAC Courtyard / SHM Rose Garden or the Harkness Lawn & Patio areas, please read below:

You must submit a Facilities Web Request (FWR) for the following Services:

  • Fire Code Compliance To ensure safety requirements
  • Grounds Maintenance For lawn maintenance and/or trash receptacle needs