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Social Media Guidelines

Creating a social media account that represents the work you do at Yale is akin to publishing a magazine article about your work, with regard to all Yale policies that apply. Yale is invested in any publishing, print or online, that uses the name “Yale,” as these items represent Yale as a whole to the public.

To this end, please consider the Yale School of Medicine Office of Communications a resource for social media page creation, publishing, or other actions. Please see these additional resources:

You Have Responsibility

It is very important that if a "Yale" account is started on any social media platform, the organization makes sure:
  • Sufficient resources:
    Make sure you have the time, content creation ability, and staff necessary to monitor, publish, and engage with users. If you do not have the ability to keep the page live, please reach out to the director of social media or your department communicator for assistance in finding alternative solutions.
  • Access:
    Ensure you have more than one person in your office that has the ability to access the page. If the primary social media staff member leaves or is unavailable, the secondary staff member will become responsible for the page(s). Members of the Yale Medicine Office of Communications may stand in if needed.
  • Goals and planning:
    Before launching a page, review the overall digital goals and plan accordingly. Social media pages will only be as helpful as the goals, tactic, and metrics they are executed against.

Common Sense

Stay away from objectionable language, internal politics, sensitive or political topics, etc. Use proper grammar and spelling. Remember that your page represents Yale as a whole and that you are responsible for maintaining a positive and professional page at all times.

Content Considerations

Don’t publish information that is not yet ready to be published, is meant only for internal communication, includes patient information, or is otherwise non-public facing content.

Stay Active and Monitor Frequently

Once you start a page, it is important to continually publish content. Make sure that when you are done with the account, there is a clear statement online of the end, or that the account is deleted. Don’t just allow the account to fall into inactivity.

Additionally, monitor the pages daily. If you find any content published by a user that includes threats, hate speech, regards our staff/faculty negatively, or otherwise might be cause for concern, please report this to the Yale Medicine Office of Communications immediately for assistance.

Additional Light Reading