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YM New Program/Program Name Change Procedure

When the new Yale Medicine brand rolled out in 2016, the departmental chairs approved a new Brand Hierarchy to help guide the naming conventions of programs, services and centers that exist within Yale Medicine. This page describes that hierarchy and outlines the procedures for changing or adding new organizational names.


Naming sections and sub-sections in the credentialing database is modeled to be consistent with the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) specialties and sub-specialties that represent recognized specialties and sub-specialties of physicians. As a result, there may be a slight difference between a provider’s board certification and the name of their division/section as it appears on their Yale profile. Also, it should be mentioned that these values electronically migrate to the provider’s record in Epic for reporting purposes.



A department is defined as an academic body that furthers two or more of YSM’s three core missions of research, education and clinical practice. There are 20 departments at Yale Medicine. Departments can be broken down into sections and subsections.

Section and Subsection

A section is defined as a distinct segment of a department, named specifically for the specialty area of focus. A subsection further segments a specialization area.


A program is an initiative that furthers one or more of the Yale School of Medicine’s three core missions or business areas: research, education, and clinical practice.

A program may be associated with one or more departments. What were formerly referred to as services, clinics, unapproved centers and units are now called programs.


A center has a dedicated physical location in which research and clinical care take place across one or more departments or programs.


  1. Faculty wishing to establish a new organization that meets the above definition or change the name of an existing organization should obtain confirmation from department or section leadership.
  2. The buttons in the left column of this page lead to the the respective form that Lead Administrators should fill out for either a new organization request or a name change request.
  3. The Office of Communications will confirm that the organization name meets the branding requirements of Yale Medicine.
  • Changing a name and/or adding a new organization may involve changing operational resources (such as Epic and building signage) as well as collateral items (e.g. business cards, letterhead, lab coat, marketing materials).