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Naming Conventions & Guidelines

Clinical Center Criteria

  • Multiple Departments
    1. Must include at least two different departments at a minimum ALTHOUGH
    2. One or more of the partners may be research, rather than clinically focused BUT
    3. Multiple sections within a single department do not qualify
  • Dedicated Faculty
    1. Primary appointments must be in different departments AND
    2. No single department can account for more than 60% of all the faculty in the center
    3. In the case of just two departments, the split does not have to be an even 50/50 but it should also not be higher (e.g. 70/30: 7 internal medicine docs and only 3 pediatrics). If it were 3 or more partners, no one department should have a preponderance of their faculty (e.g. 60/30/10 or 60/20/20, etc.) making up the total.
  • Distinct Location
    1. Must have a dedicated physical location BUT
    2. Location may be co-located or overlap with other entities
  • Chair Approval

Current Exceptions to these Rules:

  1. Nationally recognized Center of Excellence (e.g. Stroke Center)
  2. Designated a Specialty Care Center (e.g. Fetal Care Center)
  3. Designated a Collaborative Center (e.g. Yale Cancer Center)
  4. Entity is a YNHHS-based organization and/or is co-branded with YNHHS (e.g. Children's Heart Center)

Clinical Program Criteria

  • Initiatives that further one or more of the YSM three core missions/business areas (research, education, clinical practice) is a program.
  • It may be associated with one or more departments.
  • What were formally referred to as services, clinics, unapproved centers, and/or units are now called programs.

Research Center Criteria

  • Multi-disciplinary:
    • Must include at least two different disciplines at a minimum
  • Research Synergies:
    • Joint projects, grants, and/or publications
  • University Provost’s Named Academic Entity Policy
    • Defined purpose; reliable funding; leadership, governance, and succession plan; physical space (or explanation if virtual)
  • Chair, Deputy Dean, and Provost Approval