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Logos & the YSM Shield


Generally, the University does not allow individual organizations, programs, services, sections, or departments to create and publish logos. Please read more about this on the Office of the University Printer website.

Graphic Identity Development

There are instances in which YSM supports the use of a graphic identity or graphic treatment for organizations or programs. This use is intended for marketing materials, promotional items, and event promotion.

The following criteria is used to determine if an organization or program is eligible:

  • Initiatives that are short-lived and celebratory in nature:

    • Marketing materials, promotions, and memorabilia for a specific event or festivity. These logos are used for a set amount of time (a year, usually), and then discontinued.
  • Demonstrated need for marketing materials:

    • Some programs have demonstrated that without custom branded materials they are unable to compete with their peers, elicit new patients, raise research funds, or otherwise differentiate themselves within their field. In these instances, YSM’s Office of Communications creates a program-specific identity that allows some latitude in design but remains within the framework of Yale’s brand standards. These are either produced by the YSM Office of Communications or, if designed by an agency, approved by the Office of Communications prior to use. It is required that these materials, while branded with a custom identity, still include the YSM wordmark so that the affiliation with Yale is clear. The wordmark can be small—generally on the back of a brochure, bottom of a poster, etc., but must be present.
Contact YSM Branding & Graphic design for more information.

Use of Existing Logos on a Website

Existing logos that have been developed with the approval of the Office of the University Printer and the Vice President for Global Strategy can be placed on the organization’s website on the Home page or the About Us page. Using the logo on more than these two pages of the site takes up valuable real estate where you could use relevant photographs or effectively written content, and makes the site feel more like an infomercial than a Yale University website.

Location on the Page

Existing logos can be placed on the Home or About Us pages. The footer, left column, and header areas are all pre-defined and cannot include any additional images; only the text can be altered. For questions about logo placement on your YSM website, please contact the Office of Communications

Questions and Approved Branding

YSM Shield Policy

Printed materials produced by the units that make up the School of Medicine should include the school’s wordmark and full-color shield. These identifiers communicate the association of the parts with the whole, linking the departments, programs, centers, and administrative offices with the school and the university.

Placement of the wordmark and shield is flexible; the inside or back cover of a multipage publication are suggested locations. Please visit the Office of the University Printer’s website to see detailed examples of logo usage and placement -- which is also applicable for individual school’s wordmarks.

Questions on placement may be directed to Jennifer Stockwell, graphic designer, Yale School of Medicine, at