Frequently Asked Questions

All 3 behavioral testing rooms and the mock scanner room can be reserved using the online booking system. Yahoo calendars have been created for booking time slots for each of these rooms. For reserving time in the behavioral testing rooms at the MRRC, visit

Please Note: Usernames and passwords for these calendars are not posted here for security reasons. Please contact Jeetu ( to request this information for the room that you are interested in reserving.

Room Locations

1 - Behavioral testing room (TAC-NL05)
2 - Behavioral testing room (TAC-NL03A)
3 - Behavioral testing room (TAC-NL33A)
Mock Scanner Room (TAC-NL33)

More information...

See the answer to How do I reserve behavioral testing rooms?

Read carefully the Data Transfer & Image Conversion Instructions, as well as additional information found under Information for Users.

Read carefully the MR Safety Training Requirements and additional information under Safety Information.