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Human Systems

A Siemens 1.5T Sonata scanner that is dedicated to research studies using conventional anatomic imaging, cardiac imaging, and fMRI. This system has a top of the line gradient system with 40mT/m maximum amplitude, and a slew rate of 200T/m/sec and a 100% duty cycle. The system also has an 8-channel receiver array head-coil for parallel imaging applications. The magnet is dedicated to basic radiology/neuroscience research, including fMRI and the development of MR imaging approaches for neurosurgical planning.
A Siemens 3.0T Trio TIM scanner (A). This system has the same gradient hardware as the 1.5T system and also includes an 8-channel receiver array head-coil and parallel imaging capabilities. This system is dedicated to research studies, primarily focused on the development of functional MRI and applications in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Neurosurgery. It will be upgraded in early 2009 to a Trio TIM system with 32-channel parallel imaging capabilities and a 32-channel head coil.
A second Siemens 32 channel 3.0T Trio TIM scanner with 32-channel parallel imaging and 32 channel head coil was  installed in January of 2009.
A Bruker 4.0T human whole-body spectrometer that is dedicated to in vivo spectroscopy. The 4T system uses a new Bruker Avance console with two SGI Octane computers as hosts. The magnet is equipped with two actively shielded gradient sets, a 72cm id bore body set (Magnex Scientific) and a 38cm id head gradient insert (Bruker Instruments). The head gradient insert has a maximum strength of 45mT/m (X and Y and Z directions) with a rise time of less than 150 msec for all three axes. It is equipped with all second order shims and a shielded Z2 and Z0 coil to allow rapid shim updating. There are four receivers allowing phased array applications.
A Varian Direct Drive 7.0T Human head system (60cm bore) for both neuroimaging and spectroscopic studies at high field. The system is equipped with 12 receiver channels and 9 transmit channels for multiple transmit and SENSE based methods. The system is equipped with a 50mT/m gradient set with 200us rise time to maximum strength. The system is also equipped with a full set of third order shims for high resolution metabolic imaging. The system has 2 RF amplifiers, an 8kW 1H amplifier configurable as either 8 independent 1kW outputs or 1 8kW output. The second amplifier is a broad band 8kW amplifier for X band nuclei. This is the principle magnet for MRS studies of epilepsy and this system is being further developed for high resolution anatomic and functional MRI studies in epilepsy.