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Usage Charges

Effective July 1, 2022.

Note : Users should plan on a 3-4% annual increase in scan fees every July 1st.


Grant Supported Research

Siemens 3T Prisma A, B and C & 3T Vida scanner.

$660 per hour. An fMRI slot is typically 1.5 hours ($990). All fMRI time is scheduled and charged at a minimum of 1 hour (with additional 30 min increment options).

Industry Supported Research

For further information on magnet time pricing for industry sponsored research please contact, or

Scan Slot Cancellation Policy

a) You will be charged for scan time whether or not you show up. The MRRC policy regarding scanning is that we charge for booking the scanner.
b) The scan time includes the time it takes to get the subject into the magnet at the start and out of the magnet at the end. If you constantly go over your booked time you need to either shorten your protocol or extend your slot. (slots are allocated in minimum 30min increments).
c) There is a minimum 2 week notification required to relinquish a slot and avoid paying for it.
d) There is a listserv where slots can be posted to the community for sale. If someone picks up your slot and the Chief Tech is notified, the new user will be responsible for paying for it and you will not. If no one picks up the slot you will be responsible for paying for it.
e) Outside users pay a premium to cover overhead (the Dean’s tax) not captured by Yale with external grants.
f) If you bring the MR techs in for a special study off hours and they are paid overtime there will be an incremental fee added to cover the overtime.
g) Excessive cancellations or selling of a permanently allocated slot (defined as selling or not using a slot >50% of the time) will result in the slot being assigned to another investigator.

For scheduling MRI systems (3T) please email


Bruker 4T (Human)$754/2hr
Bruker 9.4T$615/3hrs (1 slot = 6hrs, 3 hour minimum*)
Bruker 11.74T$615/3hrs (1 slot = 6hrs, 3 hour minimum*)
Bruker 500 Mhz$25/hr
9.4/11.74T Overnight/Weekends (fixed tissue samples)$615/6hrs (6 hour minimum*)

* Please note for scans less than 3 hours, prior approval from Douglas Rothman is required. Please email Sandeep Kumar with any requests and he will work with Doug on review/approval.

Other Services

Restore Data$44
Scan Reading$321/scan