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Graeme Mason, PhD

Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging and of Psychiatry; Director Metabolic Modeling and Director Psychiatric MRS, Magnetic Resonance Research Center; Director, Neuroimaging Sciences Training Program, Radiology & Biomedical Imaging and Psychiatry; Chair, Magnetic Resonance Research Center Protocol Review Committee, Radiology & Biomedical Imaging



Dr. Grame F. Mason develops experimental models and methods for studies of brain metabolism using 1H and 13C Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Mass Spectrometry in conjunction with 13C isotopic labeling in vivo, in cell preparations, and other systems. His work began during his graduate studies at Yale where he used a rat model for the experimental determination of brain glucose transport kinetics, energetics, and neurotransmitter metabolism. Dr. Mason received further training at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he guided the group's 13C-labeling studies of the human brain in vivo in the 4.1T whole-body MR system. Dr. Mason studies metabolism and neurotransmission in the brain in vivo, including effects of psychiatric disorders and substances such as alcohol and nicotine; Dr. Mason examines healthy subjects and patients to investigate relationships among GABA, glutamate, and glutamine concentrations and their rates of synthesis and release in the brain, in particular with regard to effects of acute and chronic use of alcohol. He also studies detailed kinetic modeling of isotopomer and isotopologues using data from high-resolution NMR and mass spectrometry.

Education & Training

  • Research Assistant
    Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA (2017)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow
    University of Alabama at Birmingham, Center for Nuclear Imaging Research, Birmingham, AL (1994)
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
    Yale University, New Haven, CT (1993)
  • PhD
    Yale University (1991)
  • Graduate Study
    Yale University, New Haven, CT (1991)
  • BS
    The Pennsylvania State University, Nuclear Engineering, Minor in Spanish (1986)


  • Cerebral oxidation of ethanol is similar in rats and humans and rises with heavy alcohol consumption
    Orlando, United States 2022
  • Non-Linear Estimation of Enzyme Kinetics
    Pocatello, United States 2022
  • Álcool e Metabolismo Cerebral
    Porto Alegre, Brazil 2022
  • Alcohol and Brain Metabolism
    Los Angeles, United States 2022
  • Of Rats and People: Strategies for Compartmental Metabolic Analysis in the Brain
    Dallas, United States 2021
  • O Meu Caminho Professional
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2020
    A presentation to a junior high school class about the path that led to my current position professionally, as part of what students might consider for their futures. The session included a lengthy question and answer period.
  • Alcohol provides brain energy via oxidation of ethanol and hepatically derived acetate. Ketones can also meet those needs
    Minneapolis, United States 2019
  • Alcohol metabolism and the brain: implications for addiction and withdrawal
    Palo Alto, United States 2019
  • 13C Labeling Studies and Challenges of Spectral and Kinetic Fitting
    New York, United States 2018
  • Metabolic Modeling of 13C Hyperpolarized Data for Studying Brain Metabolism and Neurotransmission
    Philadelphia, United States 2018
  • Efeitos Neuroquímicos do Álcool Observados in vivo com Ressonância Magnética
    Juiz de Fora, Brazil 2018
  • Potential for Ketone Bodies to Support Sobriety from Alcohol
    Copenhagen, Denmark 2018
  • A Metabolic Perspective of Alcohol Use and Dependence
    Copenhagen, Denmark 2018
  • Alcohol and Brain Metabolism
    Worcester, United States 2017
  • A metabolic perspective of alcohol dependence and withdrawal
    Delhi, India 2017
  • Effects of alcohol and nicotine on brain metabolism
    Boston, United States 2017
  • The first steps to getting your own money
    Berlin, Germany 2017
  • Grantcraft: The art of writing a successful grant proposal
    Berlin, Germany 2017
  • Basic NMR Theory
    Delhi, India 2017
  • 13C Studies of Metabolism In Vivo: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy and Mathematical Modeling
    Delhi, India 2017
  • Alcohol-Related Disorders: A Metabolic Perspective
    New York, United States 2016
  • Practical Aspects of 13C MR Studies
    Konstanz, Germany 2016
  • Relationships of Glutamate Concentrations with Glutamatergic Firing
    Atlanta, United States 2016
  • Principles of Metabolic Modeling of Isotopic Labeling
    Philadelphia, United States 2016
  • Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Brain Metabolism of Glucose, Acetate, and Ethanol
    Athens, United States 2015
  • Neuroimaging of Effects of Ketamine
    São Paulo, Brazil 2015
    Project with Renério Fraguas, Diretor da Divisão de Psiquiatria e Psicologia do Hospital Universitário - HU USP Coordenador do Grupo de Pesquisa em Depressão e Especialidades Médicas do Laboratório de Investigação Médica
  • 13C MRS Studies of Brain Metabolism of Alcohol and Acetate
    Birmingham, United States 2015
  • Brain Oxidation of Ethanol and Acetate: Influence of Chronic Alcohol Exposure
    Indianapolis, United States 2015
  • Alcohol and Brain Metabolism
    Charleston, United States 2014
  • Measurement of Heterogeneous Metabolism by 13C Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: Practicalities and Strategies
    Lexington, United States 2014
  • Metabolic Kinetics in Psychiatric Disease
    Lisbon, Portugal 2013
  • MR Spectroscopy and Imaging for Beginners – Parts 1 and 2
    Lisbon, Portugal 2013
  • Dynamic Imaging and Spectroscopy of Psychiatric Illness
    Lisbon, Portugal 2013
    Chair, organizing committee for the ISMRM Workshop on Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy for Neuropsychiatric Disorders
  • Alcohol and the Brain: a Metabolic Perspective
    Orlando, United States 2013
  • Ethanol, its Metabolism, and the Brain
    Boston, United States 2013
  • Espectroscopia por ressonância magnética: teoria e aplicação ao estudo dos efeitos cerebrais de étanol em dose aguda
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2011
  • Efeitos agudos de étanol no cérebro investigados pela técnica de espectroscopia de ressonância nuclear
    Porto Alegre, Brazil 2011
  • Studies of Brain Metabolism in Psychiatric Disorders
    Porto Alegre, Brazil 2011
    Discussions of experiment design and results.
  • Compartmental analysis and sensitivities of kinetic carbon-13 labeling studies
    Athens, Greece 2011
  • Efeitos neuroquímicos do álcool e da nicotina observados in vivo com ressonância magnética
    Juiz de Fora, Brazil 2011
    April 26, Juiz de Fora, Brazil
  • Efectos de Étanol en Neuroquímicos Cerebrales
    Buenos Aires, Argentina 2009
    Chair, Organizer of Symposium
  • Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Neurotransmitters in Psychiatric Disorders
    Lanzhou, China 2009
  • Neurochemical Effects of Acute Nicotine and Alcohol
    Lanzhou, China 2009
  • Member Doctoral Thesis Evaluation Committee
    Lanzhou, China 2009
    Member Doctoral Thesis Evaluation Committee
  • Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Applied to Study Neurochemistry
    Lanzhou, China 2009
  • MRS Methodology for Studies of Alcoholism
    Paris, France 2008
  • Neurotransmitters in Neuropsychiatric Disorders
    Quebec, Canada 2008
    Chair, organizing committee for the educational ISMRM Workshop on Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy for Neuropsychiatric Disorders
  • Espectroscopia por Ressonância Magnética
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2008
    Co-chair of Educational Series at the Congresso IBRO/LARC de Neurociências da América Latina, Caribe, e Península Ibérica, Búzios, Brazil
  • Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Neuropsychiatric Disorders
    Alberta, Canada; Banff, Canada 2005
    Chair, Organizing committee for the educational ISMRM Workshop on Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy for Neuropsychiatric Disorders
  • Dynamic Measurements of Cortical GABA
    Kyoto, Japan 2004
    Kyoto, Japan. Psychiatry Study Group of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

Honors & Recognition

AwardAwarding OrganizationDate
Editor's Recognition for Reviewing, Biological Psychiatry2020
Inducted into the Academy Distinguished Investigator CouncilAcademy for Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research2018
Editor's Recognition for Reviewing, Biological Psychiatry2016
Elected FellowAmerican College of Neuropsychopharmacology2015
Elected Senior FellowInternational Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine2015
Editor's Recognition for Reviewing, Biological Psychiatry2015
Editor's Recognition for Reviewing, Biological Psychiatry2014
Editor's Recognition for ReviewingBiological Psychiatry2012
Editor's Recognition for ReviewingBiological Psychiatry2011
Editor's Recognition for ReviewingBiological Psychiatry2009
Editor’s Recognition Award for Reviewing with Special Distinction Radiology2003, 2004
NARSAD Young Investigator AwardNARSAD2002, 2004
Memorial Travel AwardAmerican College of Neuropsychopharmacology2002
NARSAD Young Investigator AwardNARSAD2000, 2002
Honorable Mention – alternate for Memorial Travel Award for American College of NeuropsychopharmacologyAmerican College of Neuropsychopharmacology2000
Stanley Foundation Young Investigator AwardStanley Foundation1998, 2000
Student Travel AwardsSociety of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine1991, 1992
NIH Graduate FellowshipNational Institutes of Health1986, 1991
National Science Foundation Fellowship Honorable MentionNational Science Foundation1986
Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) ScholarshipInstitute of Nuclear Power Operations1984, 1986
John White Scholarship for Excellence in Spanish1984, 1986

Professional Service

Yale Conference for Alcohol Research and Education (Y-CARE)Conference to bring together researchers from various areas of clinical practice and research at Yale and in the local community.2022
Research Society on Alcoholism, Education Committee Past ChairChairperson2020 - 2022
Research Society on Alcoholism, Developer of Online RSA Lecture SeriesRecorded, edited, captioned series of lectures on alcohol-related topics by leaders in the field2019 - Present
Neuroscience & Behavior Review Commitee (AA-4)Member2019 - Present
Journal of NeuropsychopharmacologyJournal Editorial Board2018 - Present
Research Society on Alcoholism, Education Committee ChairChairperson2018 - 2020
Drug Abuse and Brain Imaging Training Program (DABITP), McLean Hospital, Boston, MAScientific Advisory Board2017 - Present
Drug Abuse and Brain Imaging Training Program, McLean HospitalMember2017 - Present
Research Society on Alcoholism, Education Committee Vice-ChairVice Chair2017 - 2018
American College of Neuropsychopharmacology Education CommitteeCommittee Member2016 - Present
American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, Education Committee2016 - Present
Alcohol: Clinical & Experimental ResearchField Editor2016 - Present
Member, NPAS Study SectionGrant reviewer2015 - 2016
Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and NeuroimagingJournal Editorial Board2015 - Present
Alcohol Alcohol Center, Medical University of South CarolinaScientific Advisory Board2014 - 2019
Research Society on Alcoholism Education CommitteeChair, Gordis Award Subcommittee2014 - 2018
Psychiatric MR Study Group, in the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM)Chairperson2012 - 2015
Research Society on Alcoholism, Education Committee MemberCommittee Member2011 - 2022
Society of Biological PsychiatryProgram Committee2011 - Present
Research Society on AlcoholismEducation Committee2011 - Present
Research Society on AlcoholismResearch Priorities Committee2008 - 2009
International Society of Magnetic Resonance in MedicineAd-Hoc Presidential Appointee to Study Group Review Committee2007 - 2008
Research Society on AlcoholismProgram Committee2006 - 2008
Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) Association of AmericaScientific Advisory Board2005 - 2009
International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM)Past Chair of Psychiatric MR Study Group2005 - 2006
Magnetic Resonance Research CenterProtocol Review Committee2005 - Present
Yale Human Investigation CommitteeAdvising on imaging-related protocols2004 - Present
National Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)Grant reviewer2003 - 2009
National Institutes of HealthGrant reviewer2003 - Present
International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM)Psychiatric MR Study Group2003 - 2005
International Society of Magnetic Resonance in MedicineMember of the Study Group Review Committee2003 - 2005
Biological PsychiatryJournal Editorial Board2002 - Present
International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM)Conceived and organized Psychiatric Magnetic Resonance Study Group2001 - 2003
Yale Human Investigation CommitteeProtocol reviewer2000 - 2004

Departments & Organizations