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Dr. Donna Spiegelman is the Director of the New MS and PhD Biostatistics specialization in "Implementation and Prevention Science Methods" at the Yale School of Public Health

April 07, 2020

Biostatistics (BIS) Specialization in Implementation and Prevention Science Methods Master of Science (MS) and PhD programs

We are excited to inform you that our new Yale specialization in Implementation and Prevention Science Methods for our Biostatistics (BIS) M.S. and PhD programs were recently approved and are available for enrollment by students this fall, 2020. Our first PhD student has already enrolled!

Although other institutions in the U.S. and abroad offer various certificate programs, masters programs, and at least one other PhD program in implementation science, these are the first programs to provide rigorous training in implementation and prevention science methods, including training in the development of new methods to advance the field. Very important but quite different, other programs focus on the practice of implementation science and are targeted to those with subject matter expertise, for example, in mental health or cancer prevention.

Please use the links below to explore the wonderful opportunities for Biostatistics training and research at Yale.

M.S. in BiostatisticsPh.D. in Biostatistics
Admissions Admissions
Funding Funding

Please share widely and we encourage students and colleagues to apply next fall. Current Yale M.S. and PhD students are also eligible to join this program.

And please feel free to email Dr. Donna Spiegelman at or her assistant William at if you have any questions or suggestions.

Submitted by Turkoise Cox on April 07, 2020