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fMRI Seminars - Past

2018 Spring


Patrick Worhunsky, Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine

Title: "Exploring functional brain networks to help understand addiction"


Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli, McGovern Institute for Brain Research, MIT

Title: "Connectomic Insights into Psychiatric Disorders"


Mariela Rance, Radiology & Biomedical Imaging, Yale School of Medicine

Title: "The timecourse of clinical symptom change after neurofeedback intervention"


Hal Blumenfeld, Neurology, Yale School of Medicine

Title: "Brain signals of conscious awareness"


Abigail Greene, Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program, Yale School of Medicine

Title: "Task-induced brain state manipulation improves prediction of individual traits"


Melanie Boly, Neurology, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine

Title: "Altered sleep homeostasis and increased resting state fMRI connectivity correlate with cognitive impairment in patients with focal epilepsy"


Daniel Barron, Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine

Title: "Functional decoding of the brain with large scale meta-analysis"


Michael Stevens, Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center

Title: "Functional Neuroimaging Evidence for Distinct Neurobiological Pathways in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder"


Nicha Chitphakdithai Dvornek, Radiology & Biomedical Imaging, Yale School of Medicine

Title: "TBD"


Chadi Abdallah, Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine

Title: "TBD"


Xiaoping Hu, Bioengineering, University of California, Riverside

Title: "TBD"

2017 Spring


Jean Zarate, PhD (Associate Editor, Nature Neuroscience)

Title: "Publishing in Nature Neuroscience"


Jiansong Xu, MD, PhD (Yale Psychiatry)

Title: "The implication of balanced excitation and inhibition in fMRI study"


Stephanie Noble (Yale Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program)

Title: "Factors influencing the reliability of functional connectivity: multiple scanners, amounts of data, and multivariate methods"


Richard Betzel, PhD (University of Pennsylvania Biomedical Engineering)

Title: "Flexibility and control of brain network dynamics"


Dylan Gee, PhD (Yale Psychology)

Title: "Sensitive Periods of Frontolimbic Circuitry Development and Risk for Anxiety"


No Seminar


No Seminar


Kevin Anderson (Yale Psychology)


No Seminar


No Seminar


Emily Lindemer (MGH/HST Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging)


James Haxby, PhD (Dartmouth College Psychological and Brain Sciences)

2016 Fall


Todd Constable, PhD (Yale Radiology)

Title: "Update on MR Imaging at Yale"


Dustin Scheinost, PhD (Yale Radiology)

Title: "Cluster failure": Overview and Q&A"


No seminar


BJ Casey, PhD (Yale Psychology)

Title: "The adolescent brain: arrested or adaptive development?"


Tamara Vanderwal, MD (Yale Child Study Center)

Title: "Individual differences in functional connectivity during naturalistic viewing conditions"


Shella Keilholz, PhD (Georgia Tech/Emory, Biomedical Engineering)

Title: "The origins of functional connectivity: neural and non-neural contributors"


Andrew Jahn, PhD (Haskins)

Title: "Distinct regions within medial prefrontal cortex process pain and cognition"


Martin Lindquist, PhD (Johns Hopkins, Biostatistics)

Title: "Improved subject-level fMRI using group-level data"


John Murray, PhD (Yale Psychiatry)

Title: "Neural circuit models of resting-state network dynamics in health and disease"


No Seminar


Kevin Ochsner, PhD (Columbia Psychology)

Title: "New perspectives on the regulation of emotion"


Sarah Yip, PhD (Yale Psychiatry)

Title: "Diagnostic and dimensional neurobiological features of addiction"


Joy Hirsch, PhD (Yale Psychiatry, Comparative Medicine)

Title: "The new neuroscience of two: Dual brain hyperscanning with fNIRS reveals novel neural events during natural interpersonal interaction"

2016 Spring


Elizabeth Cox Lippard, PhD (Yale Psychiatry, Radiology and Biomedical Imaging)

Title: "Gene and neural systems related to risk: mood disorders, comorbid substance use, and vulnerability to suicidal behavior during adolescence and young adulthood"


David Badre, PhD (Brown University, Associate Professor, Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences)

Title: "Cortico-striatal gating mechanisms for cognitive control"


Sule Tinaz, MD, PhD (Yale Neurology)

Title: "Resting-state functional connectivity changes in Parkinson disease and Tourette syndrome"


Nim Tottenham, PhD (Columbia University, Associate Professor, Psychology)

Title: "Human amygdala development and the role of the caregiver"


Deanna Greene, PhD (Washington University in St. Louis, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry)

Title: "Applications of resting state functional connectivity MRI to the study of developmental and clinical populations"


Michael Crair, PhD (Yale Neuroscience)

Title: "The development of spontaneous ‘resting state’ activity in neonatal mice"


Adriana DiMartino, MD (New York University, Assistant Professor, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry)

Title: "The ABIDE journey towards revealing the autism connectome"


Archana Venkataraman, PhD (Yale Radiology and Biomedical Imaging)

Title: "An adaptable framework to extract abnormal brain networks"

2015 Fall

9/17 Todd Constable, PhD (Director, MRI, Yale Magnetic Resonance Research Center). Title: "Update on MR Imaging at Yale"

9/24 Dustin Scheinost, PhD (Yale Diagnostic Radiology). Title: "Networks of anatomical covariance with examples from preterm birth"

10/1 Gerard Sanacora, MD, PhD (Yale Psychiatry). Title: "Using MRS to examine neuroenergetics and the amino acid neurotransmitter systems in mood disorders"

10/8 Zarrar Shehzad (Yale Psychology). Title: "Pitting modular versus distributed processing in representations of visual category information"

10/29 Evan Morris, PhD (Yale Diagnostic Radiology, Biomedical Engineering). Title: "Dopamine Movies of Smoking in the PET Scanner Reveal Sex Differences: Implications for fMRI or PET-fMRI"

11/5 Ted Satterthwaite, MD (Univ. of Pennsylvania, Dept. of Psychiatry). Title: "Challenges and Opportunities in Developmental Psychiatric Neuroimaging"

11/12 Deanna Barch, PhD (Washington Univ. in St. Louis, Psychiatry, Psychology). Title: "Connectomics and Psychopathology"

12/3 Ifat Levy, PhD (Yale Comparative Medicine, Neurobiology). Title: "fMRI investigations of value encoding and related functions"

12/10 Kendrick Kay, PhD (Univ. of Minnesota, Dept. of Radiology). Title: "A quantitative model of bottom-up and top-down computations in high-level visual cortex"

2015 Spring

1/22 Tal Yarkoni, PhD (University of Texas at Austin, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology). Title: "Neurosynth: an open framework for large-scale synthesis of the human fMRI literature"

2/5 Ania Jastreboff, MD/PhD (Yale Internal Medicine/Pediatric Endocrinology). Title: "Your Teen’s Brain on Sugar: fMRI Studies of Adolescent Obesity"

2/12 John Krystal, MD (Yale Psychiatry). Title: "Glutamate synaptic dysfunction in schizophrenia: from pathophysiology to treatment"

2/26 Rajita Sinha, PhD (Yale Psychiatry). Title: "Brain activation during stress, alcohol motivation and coping behaviors"

3/5 Hugh Garavan, PhD (University of Vermont, Associate Professor, Depts. of Psychiatry and Psychology). Title: "Causes and consequences of drug use — evidence from an adolescent, longitudinal study"

4/2 Xue Sun (John B. Pierce/Yale Neuroscience). Title: "Metabolic influences on CNS cue reactivity: Contributions to non-homeostatic feeding and obesity"

4/16 Gina Kuperberg, MD/PhD (Tufts University/MGH, Professor, Dept. of Psychology; Principal Investigator, Psychiatry). Title: "The breakdown of predictive coding in schizophrenia: Insights from language"


4/30 David Glahn, PhD (Institute of Living-Olin/Yale Psychiatry). Title: "Imaging Genetics of the Aging Brain: Modeling Gene x Age Interactions"

2014 Fall

9/18 Todd Constable (Yale MRRC). Title: "Update on MR Imaging at Yale"

9/25 Moriah Thomason (Pediatrics/Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for Child and Family Development, Wayne State University). Title: "Emerging functional neurocircuitry in the human fetus"

10/2 Ralph Hoffman (Yale Psychiatry). Title: "Loci of elevated intrinsic connectivity provide gateways to networks underlying hallucinations and delusions in schizophrenia"

10/9 Kazuhisa Shibata (Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences, Brown University). Title: "Perceptual and cognitive changes induced by decoded fMRI neurofeedback"

10/16 Donald McLaren (Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School). Title: "Generalized Psychophysiological Interactions (gPPI): What are they and what can they tell us?"

10/30 Emily Ward (Yale Psychology). Title: "Neural coding of perceptual features is enhanced when they are task relevant"

11/6 Marc Potenza (Yale Psychiatry). Title: "fMRI of Substance and Non-Substance Addictions"

11/13 Greg Samanez-Larkin (Yale Psychology). Title: "Decision making in the aging brain"

12/4 Avram Holmes (Yale Psychology, Psychiatry). Title: "Amygdala-medial prefrontal circuit anatomy predicts negative affect, social functioning, and polygenic depression risk in healthy young adults"

2014 Spring

1/30 Dana Small (Yale, JB Pierce). Title: "It Must Be My Metabolism: Metabolic Control of Mind."

2/13 Marc Potenza (Yale, Psychiatry). Title: "fMRI of Addictive Disorders."

2/20 Emily Finn & Monica Rosenberg (Yale, Neuroscience, Psychology). Title: "Who’s in the Zone, and When? Using fMRI to Predict Attention and Performance Within and Across Subjects."

2/27 Scott Guerin (Yale, Psychology). Title: "Episodic Memory and the Parietal Lobe."

3/6 Kyungmi Kim (Yale, Psychology). Title: "Extended self: Neural and Psychological Processes Underlying Self-Object Associations."

3/27 Russell Poldrack (Psychology/Neuroscience, University of Texas at Austin; Director, Imaging Research Center). Title: “The Neural Basis of Behavioral Change"

4/3 Cameron Craddock (Director of Imaging, Child Mind Institute, NYC). Title: "Using RealTime fMRI Based Neurofeedback To Probe Default Network Regulation"

4/17 Matthew Walker (Psychology/Neuroscience, US Berkeley). Title: "Sleep, Memory and Emotion"

5/1 Hoi-Chung Leung (Psychology, Stonybrook). Title: "Neuroimaging of Cognitive Control of Information Processing"

2013 Fall

9/26 Joaquim Radua (King's College, London). Title: "Meta-analytic methods for neuroimaging data"

10/3 Todd Contable (Yale, Director of MRRC). Title: "Update on MRRC Developments and Plans"

10/17 Jennifer Guo (Yale, Neuroscience) * dissertation defense. Title: "Functional networks and behavior in childhood absence epilepsy"

10/24 Vince Calhoun (University of New Mexico, The Mind Institute). Title: "Digging Deeper into Brain Imaging: Networks, Genetics, and Dynamics"

11/7 Phil Corlett (Yale, Psychiatry). Title: "Fixed False Beliefs and fMRI"

11/19 Anna Zilverstand (University of Maastrich, Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience). Title: "Towards clinical applications of real time fMRI neurofeedback"

11/21 Anna Rose Childress (U Penn, Psychiatry). Title: "Unbridled passions: Pursuing the brain substrates of cue-induced drug motivation, and its modulation, in addiction"

12/5 Nadine Gaab (Harvard University, Pediatrics, Neuroscience). Title: "Examining the Typical and Atypical Reading Brain Prior To Reading Onset: Developmental Evidence from Infants, Preschoolers and kindergarteners."

12/12 Paul Glimcher (NYU, Psychology/Neuroscience). Title: "Neuroeconomics: Towards Using Scanners for Public Policy."

2013 Spring

1/31 Jennifer Guo (Yale, Neurology). Title: "Unraveling the timecourse of fMRI changes in brief childhood seizures"

2/14 Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli (MIT). Title: "Default Network Anticorrelations in Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Related to Executive Functions: Evidence from Development, Aging, Individual Differences & Brain Disorders"

2/21 Michelle Hampson (Yale, Radiology). Title: "Neurofeedback Reduces Contamination Anxiety and Alters Intrinsic Connectivity"

3/7 Naomi Driesen (Yale, Psychiatry). Title: "Towards a Neurobiological Understanding of Schizophrenia Symptoms: Ketamine, Glutamate, GABA and all those fMRI Timecourses"

3/28 Paul Whalen (Dartmouth). Title: "Which fear? Neural Function and Structure Related to Anxiety, Empathy & Dominance"

4/4 Eydie London (UCLA). Title: "Self-Control, Dopamine and Methamphetamine Dependence"

4/11 Alex Stevens (Oregon Health & Science University). Title: "Does the undirected brain tell us anything about memory? Resting state, fMRI and working memory capacity"

5/2 Mark D'Esposito (UC Berkeley). Title: "Large-scale organization of the brain: insights from fMRI"

2012 Fall

9/27 Paul Geha (Yale, Psychiatry, John B Pierce). The title of the talk is "Global and Local Functional Connectivity Changes with Increasing Body Weight."

10/18 Becky van den Honert (Yale, Psychology). The title of the talk is "Challenges to Bayesian Model Selection of Dynamic Causal Models."

11/8 Tor Wager (U Colorado, Boulder). The title of the talk is "Found in Translation: fMRI-based Biomarkers for Pain and Distress."

11/15 Ty Cannon (Yale, Psychology). The title of the talk is "Imaging Biomarkers of Conversion to Psychosis in Youth at Elevated Clinical Risk."

11/29 Jim Haxby (Dartmouth College). The title of the talk is "Building Common High-Dimensional Models of Neural Representational Spaces."

12/6 Peter Bandettini (NIH). The title of the talk is "There's Still More in the fMRI Signal: Uncovering Whole-Brain Activation, Resting-State Based Cortical Segmentation, and High Resolution Timing Decoding."

12/13 Dustin Scheinost (Yale, Biomedical Engineering). The title of the talk is "The Intrinsic Connectivity Distribution: A Contrast Measure Reflecting Voxel Level Functional Connectivity"

12/18 Lucina Uddin (Stanford, Psychiatry). The title of the talk is "Dynamic Reconfiguration of Connectivity Across Core Neurocognitive Networks in Typical and Atypical Development."

2012 Spring

1/26 Ken Norman (Princeton, Psychology/Neuroscience). The title of the talk is "Does moderate activation of a memory lead to forgetting? Testing a computational model of learning using multivariate pattern analysis."

2/9 Bruce Wexler (Yale Psychiatry). The title of the talk is "System Configuration Abnormalities in Schizophrenia Patients during Simulated Emotion-Evoking Social Interactions."

2/16 Greg Siegle (Pittsburgh, Psychiatry). The title of the talk is "Does getting "better" mean getting "normal"? Neuroimaging of recovery profiles in depression and anxiety."

2/23 Leah Somerville (Cornell/Harvard, Developmental: Psychiatry/Psychology).

3/22 Danielle Bolling (Yale, Neuroscience).

4/5 Andrew Engell (Yale, Psychology).

4/12 TBA

4/19 Elliot Berkman (Oregon/Psychology) .

2011 Fall

09/08 Todd Constable, MRRC , Yale University School of Medicine. The title of the talk is "The Promise and Challenge of Voxel Based Measures of Intrinsic Connectivity".

09/15 Alan Anticevic, Department of Psychiatry at Yale. The title of the talk is "Understanding Affective and Cognitive Dysfunction in Schizophrenia".

10/06 Andrea Gold , Department of Psychology at Yale. The title of the talk is "Staying on Task Under Threat of Shock: Threat-Induced Stress Influences Functional Connectivity of the Amygdala and Inferior Frontal Gyrus".

10/13 Hilary Blumberg, Department of Psychiatry at Yale. The title of the talk is "The Neural Circuitry of Bipolar Disorder: A Neurodevelopmental View".

10/27 Brice Kuhl , Department of Psychology at Yale. The title of the talk is "Decoding Competition Between Individual Memories".

11/17 Luiz Pessoa, University of Maryland, College Park. The title of the talk is "How do Emotion and Motivation Influence Information Processing in the Brain?".

12/01 Daphna Shohamy, Columbia University. The title of the talk is "Multiple Brain Systems for Learning: Insights from Neuroimaging and Patient Studies in Humans".

12/08 Timothy Vickery, Department of Psychology at Yale. The title of the talk is "Ubiquity and Specificity of Reinforcement Signals Throughout the Human Brain".

2011 Spring

04/14 Christopher Honey. Department of Psychology and the Neuroscience Institute at Princeton University. The title of the talk is “Hierarchies and History-dependence in the Human Brain".

04/07 Hal Blumenfield, Department of Neurobiology, Yale University School of Medicine. The title of the talk is "Neuroimaging and Behavior in Childhood Absence Seizures".

03/24 Jiansong Xu, Department of Psychiatry at Yale. The title of the talk is "DTI Studies on White Matter Integrity and Personality Traits".

03/17 Hedy Kober, Department of Psychiatry at Yale. The title of the talk is "Craving and the Regulation of Craving: Insights from fMRI and Meta-analysis of neuroimaging studies".

03/10 Asht Mishra, Department of Neurology at Yale. The title of the talk is "Neuroimaging (fMRI and DTI) and electrophysiology in animal epilepsy models".

02/17 Jessica Cardin, from the Department of Neurobiology at Yale. The title of the talk is "Inhibitory regulation of cortical circuits".

02/03 Jiacheng Liu, Department of Psychiatry at Yale. The title of the talk is "Does baseline hypoperfusion affect the task-induced BOLD response of schizophrenia?”

2010 Fall

12/09 Ifat Levy, Section of Comparative Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine. The title of the talk is: "Decision-making and the neural representation of value".

11/04 Dana Small, The John B Pierce Laboratory and Yale University School of Medicine. The title of the talk is: "The dynamic relationship between brain response to food and obesity".

10/28 Marc Potenza, Psychiatry Department at Yale University. The title of the talk is: "Neurobiologies of substance and non-substance addictions: clinical implications".

10/21 Philip Corlett, Department of Psychiatry at Yale. The title of the talk is: "Beliefs in the brain: Using fMRI to explore delusions".

10/14 Michelle Hampson, MRRC at Yale. The title of the talk is: "Modulating brain dynamics via biofeedback of real-time fMRI data".

10/07 Lauren Atlas, Psychology Department at Columbia University.The title of the talk is: "How expectancies shape experience: Brain mediators of cue effects on perceived pain".

09/30 Uri Hasson, Psychology Department at Princeton University. The title of the talk is: "Topographic mapping of a hierarchy of temporal receptive windows using natural stimuli".

2010 Spring

5/27 Bruce Wexler, "Abnormalities in Functional System Configuration in Patients with Schizophrenia"

5/13 Rajita Sinha, "Neuroimaging of stress, desire and craving states: Relevance for addiction outcomes"

4/29 Marcel Jackowski, "The Toroidal Model: Beyond the Diffusion Tensor Ellipsoid"

3/25 Arno Klein, "Establishing correspondences across brain images: surface-vs. volume-based registration and a new way to manually label brains"

3/4 Olaf Sporns, "Structure and Function of Complex Brain Networks"

2/4 Xiaoxiao Bai, "Dynamic fMRI Timecourse and Resting Functional Connectivity in Childhood Absence Epilepsy"

1/28 Kevin Pelphrey, "Charting the Development of the Social Brain"

2009 Fall

12/10 Zarrar Shehzad, "Towards an Automated Approach to Subdividing Regions of the Brain Using Functional Connectivity"

12/3 Damien Fair, "Using Network Analysis Tools to Examine Functional Connectivity MRI inTypical and Atypical Brain Development"

11/26 Thanksgiving

11/19 Maria Pinango, "Connecting Language to the Brain: A View From Sentence Composition"

11/12 Kevin Pelphrey, CANCELLED

11/5 Judson Brewer, "Please pay attention now: neural correlates of mindfulness meditation"

10/29 Jen Roth, "Modulating intrinsic connectivity: Similarities and differences in functional connectivity during rest and during updating and refreshing working memory tasks".

2009 Spring

5/28 Dana Small

5/21 Matthew Johnson

5/14 Jeremy Gray

5/7 Hoi-Chung Leung

4/30 TBA

4/16Julie Golomb, "Coordinate systems of spatial attention"

4/2Leslie Ungerleider , Mechanisms of perceptual decision making in the human brain

3/26Jamie Mazer, Feature-and space-based attention in extrastriate cortex

3/5 R. Todd Constable, Investigation of functional brain networks: A novel contrast mechanism based on functional connectivity data

2008 Fall

12/11 BJ Casey, Director of the Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology and Professor of Developmental Psychobiology at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University will present 'Adolescent Brain Development and Risk Factors for Anxiety and Depression'

12/4 Nick Turk-Browne, from the Yale Department of Psychology, will present 'Neural Context for Perception and Cognition'

11/13 Yongmei Michelle Wang, Assistant Professor in the Departments of Statistics, Psychology, and Bioengineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will present "Functional and Structural Brain Image Analysis"

11/6 Lila Davachi, Assistant Professor of Psychology at NYU, will present 'Real-world episodic memory formation'

10/23 Randy McIntosh, Director of the Rotman Research Institute of Baycrest Centre at the University of Toronto will present "Rumbling about brain noise: variability in neural signals and its relation to behaviour"

10/16 Lois Collins, Assistant Professor in the departments of Neurology & Neurosurgery, and Biomedical Engineering at McGill University will present "Image guided neurosurgery at the the MNI: past, present (and future)"

10/2 Mark D'Esposito, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute & Department of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley will present "When bottom-up meets top-down: neural mechanisms of cognitive control"

9/18 Alark Joshi of the MRRC at Yale University will give the talk 'Visualization techniques for Neurosurgical planning and ROI connectivity'

9/11 Michael Fox from Washington University in St Louis “Spontaneous fluctuations in human brain activity observed with fMRI and their impact on behaviour”

2008 Spring

4/17 Tor Wager, Director of the Cognitive and Affective Control Laboratory at Columbia University will present "Prefrontal regulation of affect: Placebo responses and context-based shaping of pain and negative emotion"

4/10 Zubin Bhagwagar, of the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University, will present "Beating the Blues: A Neurobiological Perspective on Recurrent Major Depressive Disorder"

4/3 Dr Jill Goldstein, Professor of Psychiatry & Medicine in the Departments of Psychiatry & Medicine at Harvard Medical School, will present "Sex, Hormones, Brain Development and Risk for Sex Differences in Psychiatric Disorders"

3/27 Marga Veldhuizen from The John B. Pierce Laboratory & Yale University School of Medicine will present "Attentional Processes in Taste and Smell: Networks and their interactions"

2/7 Mark Lowe, Director of High-Field MRI at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, will present "Anatomic and Functional Connectivity in the Brain"

1/31 Christian Habeck of the Taub Institute at Columbia University will present "Multivariate approaches to neuroimaging analysis in the clinical and cognitive neurosciences"

1/24 Robert Shulman, Sterling Professor Emeritus of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry here at Yale will present "Philosophy: A guide for neuroscience"

2007 Fall

11/29 James Swain from the Yale Child Study Center “Brain Imaging of Parents in the Early Postpartum using Baby Stimuli”

11/15 John D E Gabrieli from Massachusetts Institute of Technology "Development of Declarative Memory in the Human Brain"

11/1 Kamil Ugurbil Director, High-Field Magnetic Resonance Center, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen, Germany and Professor in the Depts. of Radiology, Neurosciences and Medicine and Director of the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research, University of Minneapolis, Minnesota Functional Mapping in the Human Brain: Recent Advances Using Ultrahigh Magnetic Fields

10/25 Jim Haxby from Princeton University "Pattern classifiers for analysis of fMRI: What can they tell us about visual representations?"

10/18 Colin DeYoung from the Department of Psychology, Yale University Personality Neuroscience: Testing Biological Models of Personality Traits

10/11 Laura Ment Professor, Pediatrics & Neurology from Yale University Injury and recovery in developing brain

10/4 Steve Frost Senior Scientist at the Haskins Laboratories Correlations between behavior and brain activation patterns for reading in children

9/27 Leslie Jacobsen, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, Yale School of Medicine Prenatal and Adolescent Exposure to Tobacco Smoke Modulates Auditory and Visual Attention

9/20 Rajita Sinha Professor of Psychiatry, Director, Yale Stress Center, Yale School of Medicine Neural Correlates of Compulsive Drug-Seeking- fMRI Studies

9/13 Polina Golland of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT will present "Functional Hierarchy: Representation and Modeling of Spatial Patterns of Activation in fMRI"

2007 Spring

5/3 Jeremy Gray of the Department of Psychology, Yale University will present "Individual differences in intelligence, personality, and delay discounting"

4/19 Scott Huettel of Duke University will present Resolving uncertainty: the neural substrates of economic decision making

4/12 Aaron Mishara of Yale University will present: Turning Top Down Theories of Schizophrenia on their Head: fMRI Evidence of Compensation, Neuroplasticity and Abnormal Default Mode Network Activity in Schizophrenia

1/8 Turhan Canli from Stonybrook will "Neural correlates of emotion and personality: the role of gene-environment interactions"