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Life at Yale

Take a look for insights into curriculum, activities, and perspectives on life at YSM.

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Clubs and Activities at YSM

There are many opportunities for things you can do and clubs you can join while you're here at YSM. Below is a small sampling of some of the student groups that are active at YSM.

For a full list of student groups, check the Medical Student Council website at

Frequently Asked Questions

Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA)
We are an organization of Asian American and Pacific Islander American (APIA) medical students committed to addressing the unique health challenges of APA communities through education, outreach, advocacy, and service.
Bioethics Interest Group
The student-run Bioethics Interest Group offers a monthly forum for medical, nursing, public health and physician assistant students at Yale University School of Medicine to explore issues related to ethics in the training, practice, governance, history and philosophy of medicine. The group offers educational seminars, advocates for the medical ethics in the greater Yale community and facilitates medical students’ participation in the ethical life of the medical center and university at large.
Committee on Well-Being of Students

The Committee on the Wellbeing of Students (CWBS) is a student-run group that is dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of the student body at Yale School of Medicine. Students are able to define what wellness is for them and in support, YSM sponsors an array of activities, such as trips to the Yale Cabaret and the Yale Farm, tours of the Yale Art Gallery and British Art Museum, chair massages, knitting groups, yoga, Zumba, turbo-kicking, and meditation classes.

Family Medicine Interest Group

This health professions student group is a collective dedicated to cultivating students' interest in innovation in family medicine. This collaborative serves as a forum through which students can support open dialogue and discussion on topics related to family medicine. Additionally, the Yale FMIG seeks to introduce and expose students to opportunities in and philosophies of Family Medicine in a range of academic and hands-on settings. The Yale FMIG is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians FMIG network and periodically hosts dinner events and educational sessions and welcomes collaboration with a number of other student groups across Yale Graduate and Professional Schools.

Global Health Interest Group

The Global Health Interest Group operates out of the Office Global Health Education in the Student Affairs office, and is for students interested in global health issues, going abroad, collaborating with international students and faculty, global health research, or obtaining the Global Health Certificate.

History, Humanities, and Health Working Group
The group’s mission is to foster an interdisciplinary environment where health professional students, graduate students, clinicians, and historians can discuss the political, cultural, and social dimensions of the medical profession through a historical lens.

Hunger and Homelessness Action

The Annual Hunger and Homelessness Auction was established in 1993 by Yale health professional students interested in raising community awareness of and alleviating the adversity caused by hunger and homelessness in the Greater New Haven area. Our mission is to educate the community on key social issues: poverty and food security to affordable housing, unemployment, health care equality, and the implications of substance abuse and mental illness.

The Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

The Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA, formerly known as BLHO) is a student run group committed to develop a network for Latino medical students at Yale by providing academic and social support.

Medical Education Interest Group

The Yale School of Medicine (YSM) Medical Education Interest Group (MedEd) is an organization comprised of medical students and esteemed faculty members with an interest in developing their skills as medical educators.

Medical Student Council

The Medical Student Council is responsible for developing, promoting, and funding student activities, improving medical student quality of life, and fostering greater interactions with other Yale graduate schools and departments. The Medical Student Council serves as a forum for students to discuss issues pertaining to their education and community. Representatives of the Medical Student Council are intimately involved in the education review process at the Yale School of Medicine.


OutPatient seeks to organize, serve and defend the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community at Yale's health professional schools, including the school of medicine, school of nursing, PA program, and department of epidemiology and public health.

Physicians for Human Rights
The YSM chapter of Physicians for Human Rights seeks to advance health professional students’ understanding of and commitment to the right to health and to cultivate skills as advocates for health and human rights locally, nationally and globally.
Space Medicine Interest Group (SMIG)
The Space Medicine Interest Group (SMIG) aims to promote our understanding of the unique medical challenges associated with spaceflight, connect students with aerospace medicine research opportunities, and foster future leaders in the field who will advance the frontiers of manned spaceflight. SMIG provides students with the exciting opportunity to enroll in the Space Medicine Seminar, an elective for Yale medical students that meets monthly. The course focuses on the physiological implications of aerospace travel, the medical challenges of human spaceflight, and medicine’s role in the human space program. The schedule aligns with the pre-clerkship curriculum so physiological systems will be covered at the same time they are covered in lecture and anatomy. Each session is led by two students who facilitate discussion of relevant chapters in the text, Fundamentals of Space Medicine. In addition, SMIG sponsors skills building events such as an Ultrasound Workshop to learn diagnostic techniques relevant in resource-limited settings.
Students for a Better Healthcare System

Founded on the basis of medical student activism, the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is a national organization that is committed to the improvement of healthcare and healthcare delivery, as well as medical education and practice. Supporting these broad national goals, Yale AMSA seeks to mobilize Yale medical students to advocate for change from the ground up, with a specific focus on health reform education and primary care innovation. We seek to facilitate collaboration between student and medical groups working toward the same goals, and to provide a national voice for these goals by connecting with the national AMSA network.

Student Voices
Student Voices is an initiative that creates informal avenues for students to share their experiences and interests with the rest of the student body in the form of either presentations, talks or round table discussions.
The Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

SNMA is the largest, independent medical student organization focused on the needs and concerns of minority medical students. It was established in 1964 by students at Meharry and Howard Medical Colleges and now represents over five thousand medical and premedical students of color in over 125 medical schools.


From classically trained choral singers, to shower-singers, to seasoned veterans of Collegiate a cappella, Ultrasounds come from diverse backgrounds to share our love of music to the Yale Medical community. Together, we hope to build community amongst ourselves, inspire others to give singing a try, and fill Cedar Street with our rhythms and harmony.

US Health Justice Collaborative
The U.S. Health Justice Collaborative is an interdisciplinary student group created in 2015 to build upon the work started within the USHJ Course. The three main goals of the collaborative are to strengthen relationships between health professional students at Yale who are committed to domestic health equity; to deepen awareness about injustices that exist between patients and providers, between providers and other providers, and between healthcare institutions and the communities they serve; and to partner with the New Haven community to understand and contribute to advocacy efforts promoting health equity in the city. For more information, visit our website (
Women in Medicine at Yale

Women in Medicine at Yale (WIM) is a student interest group devoted to fostering the mentorship, education, empowerment, and advancement of women in medicine. We promote and organize events for men and women about topics relating to women's careers in medicine and women's health. As a registered student branch of the American Medical Women's Association (, WIM also facilitates networking on a regional and national level.

Yale Med Muslim Students Association
The Yale Med Muslim Students Association serves to create a community for Muslim students to share their faith and to discuss the intersection of Islam and the practice of medicine.
Yale Medical Symphony Orchestra

The YSMO is a volunteer orchestra mainly drawing from the medical community at Yale University. We perform major orchestral works by a variety of classical composers, and produce 2-3 full concerts per year. Rehearsals are on Thursday nights from 7pm-9pm in Harkness Auditorium in the Sterling Hall of Medicine, 333 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT.