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MD-PhD Informal Faculty Meetings

An important part of your interview experience are chances to speak with faculty whose research is of interest to you. These discussions are non-evaluative and informal and are meant for you to get better acquainted with the faculty and their research. Most of these informal meetings will happen before your formal interviews, but it is also OK if they occur after your interview days if that is more mutually convenient. This link will bring you to a page that lists current and recent MD-PhD student thesis advisors. You are welcome to select up to 5 faculty from this list and/or from our much larger group of graduate school faculty. Please understand that not all faculty will be available for an informal meeting, but we hope that you’ll have a chance to speak with several of them.

Click this link to request faculty for informal meetings.

Please note: We ask that you submit your requests for informal meetings within two weeks of receiving your interview invitation email. We will not be able to accommodate last-minute requests.