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Financial Aid at YSM

Basics for Financial Aid:

In order to be eligible for Financial Aid, you MUST complete the FAFSA, CSS Profile, and the Yale Financial Aid Form. The deadline is fast approaching, so make sure you get it complete so that you can get your financial aid package early enough and address any issues or concerns with the Financial Aid Office.

How it Works

Based on your demonstrated need (Total Budget - (Parent Contribution + Student Contribution)), you will receive two forms of aid. The first amount is the Unit Loan, which is a required borrowing. That amount has been recently reduced to $15,000 and will remain CONSTANT throughout your time at Yale. The remainder of your need will be covered by Yale scholarships. Additional loans can be taken out to cover parent and/or student contribution.

Unit Loan:

Unit loans for entering and returning MD students is set at $15,000, a decrease from the ‘18-‘19 level of $23,000. This amount will remain constant for all present students, rather than increasing every year as in the past.

Follow this link to the website of the YSM Office of Financial Aid for more detailed information, guidelines, forms, and more.

Your financial aid award is calculated by subtracting your Resources from the overall YSM budget to get your financial need. Your Resources is the sum of your parents income and assets, plus your income and assets. Your financial need is met through a combination of the unit loan plus scholarships and other loans.

Contact Us

Office of Financial Aid

Hours of Operation: 9am – 4pm
Phone: 203.785.2645
Fax: 203.785.2924
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ES Harkness Hall, Building D
367 Cedar Street,ESH 202
New Haven, CT 06510