Re-Entry & VA information

As a Medical Student training in the Yale-New Haven Health System, you must complete a series of E-Learnings and pass an assessment in order to be approved to use the Epic EMR software. It is critical that you familiarize yourself with the various tasks and workflows within Epic, as they will be crucial to your use of the system with patients. 

With your YNHH network ID*, you will be able to access SkillPort, which is a learning management system. Within SkillPort are the E-Learnings you will view so you can learn about Epic. In addition to the E-Learnings is the Epic Playground, a practice environment that will allow you to practice the foundations you learned within the E-Learnings. You have been provided an exercise booklet which provides you guided exercises that you can walkthrough while in the Epic Playground. 

Listed below are the critical documents for completion of the Medical Student E-Learnings, as follows: 

Once you have viewed the E-Learnings and practiced within the Playground, you may take the assessment, which will test you on the concepts you learned via the E-Learnings and reinforced within the Playground. Upon passing the assessment, you will be authorized to use Epic within the Health System. Please contact Susan Larkin in the Office of Education once you have passed so we can send the request to have your EPIC access activated.

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