MD-PhD Curriculum

Complete details of the Program’s curriculum and other activities are found in our Program Handbook.

The Integrated Basic & Clinical Science Curriculum includes eight Master Courses, three Longitudinal Courses, and nine Longitudinal Threads spread out over the first eighteen months of study for all medical students.  For a complete view of the curriculum, please click here

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MD-PhD Timeline

In general, our students finish the combined MD-PhD degree in about 8 years – approximating the national average. 

The new curriculum—and the opportunity to begin PhD studies earlier than in past years, i.e. in the Fall of Year 3—will undoubtedly change the timeline for MD-PhD students matriculating in Fall of 2015 and thereafter. The timeline outlined below may be revised as PhD-granting departments evaluate the impact of the new curriculum on MD-PhD coursework and timeline to the PhD.

Program Seminars

The Program has organized several seminars that enable students to interact and exchange ideas.