Applying to the MD-PhD Program

In order to apply to the Yale MD-PhD Program, students must follow the  YALE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE MD APPLICATION PROCESS , which includes the AMCAS application and Yale Secondary Application, and indicate their interest in being considered for the MD-PhD Program. Please follow the link above and follow the YSM Admissions instructions.  While deadlines for typical MD-PhD applicants is the same as for MD applicants, please note the exception that Yale Secondary Application due date is October 15 for MD-PhD applicants interested in "non-traditional" PhD programs (see below).

Yale's MD-PhD Program grants full consideration to students who plan to pursue a PhD program in departments that are part of the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS), the School of Public Health (YSPH), School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), and other divisions of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS). Please click on the links for more information on specific PhD programs. 

MD-PhD applicants who plan to pursue their PhD studies in a department that is NOT part of the BBS, YSPH or SEAS may need to submit several documents in addition to their AMCAS and Yale School of Medicine secondary applications. These materials allow GSAS faculty to evaluate MD-PhD applicants and support admissions decisions to our fully-funded dual-degree program. PhD programs that require additional application materials include Anthropology, Economics, History of Science & Medicine, and Sociology. Students interested in these programs, as well as other GSAS PhD programs are encouraged to contact the MD-PhD program to indicate their interest and to obtain up-to-date information about specific PhD program requirements. 

In order to allow full review of materials by both MD-PhD and GSAS faculty, MD-PhD applicants to these "non-traditional" PhD programs must submit their AMCAS and YSM secondary application by October 15, 2019. They should also send an email communicating the submission of their MD-PhD application materials to and include the statement "SUBMITTED MD-PHD APPLICATION TO [PhD program name]" in the subject line. 

For detailed information regarding applications to "non-traditional" PhD programs, PLEASE CLICK HERE. 

The MD-PhD Program at Yale School of Medicine does not regularly accept transfer students. Please contact the Director of the Program for further information.

Important Dates for MD-PhD Applications

  • AMCAS Application Deadline:
    October 15, 2019
  • Yale Secondary Application Deadline:
    November 15, 2019
    N.B. *October 15, 2019 for "non-traditional" PhD program applicants 
  • Invitations to MD-PhD interviews:
    September -- February 
  • Notification of decisions:
    March 2020

Other Helpful Resources

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