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Letter from the Director

April 03, 2019

Spring greetings from New Haven!...or so it seemed this weekend. Even though the cold weather shows little sign of leaving the Northeast, time is passing. March saw us send acceptances to our entering MD-PhD class of 2019, whom we welcomed to campus for Second Look just last week. Our graduating class was also back in New Haven, completing their capstone course and learning where they have matched for internship and residency. And we sent out acceptances to our first BioMed Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow cohort under the auspices of the Amgen Scholars program.

As we look forward to welcoming new members of the Yale MD-PhD community to campus this summer and fall, I also hope that many of you will join us on May 6th for the School of Medicine's memorial in honor of Dr. J. We've set up an electronic guestbook, and I hope that you will take a moment to sign in and share your memories of Jim.

Let me close with an introduction to our newest member of the MD-PhD staff: Alexandra Mauzerall, our Registrar. Alex is a powerhouse of organization, good humor and calm in the face of any storm - traits that serve Alex well as she figuratively and literally herds cats here at Yale and in her volunteer work at the Stratford Animal Rescue Society. She's joined us just in time to help prepare our T32 submission for this May. My thanks to all of you who provided data for our alumni tables, a taste of which we'd like to share with you below.

Best wishes,

Dr. K.

Submitted by Reiko Fitzsimonds on April 01, 2019