Elective Graduate Courses during the First Two Years of Medical School

The mission of Yale Medical School is to "train leaders in medicine and in biomedical research". In this regard, the Program continues to initiate courses and electives that provide the opportunity to delve into scientific areas beyond those of the classroom. These electives satisfy some of the Graduate School's Honors requirements for MD-PhD students but more importantly provide the opportunity to work closely with faculty mentors on analysis and presentations of scientific information. In addition to being a requirement for our MD-PhD students, more than one half of the students in the first and second years of medical school participate in these courses, providing an important collegiality and sense of common purpose between MD and MD-PhD students. Areas in which students actively participate are listed later but it is clear that the Program and its students are an integral part of what drives the Mission of the School!

Updated Program Handbook will be 'live' on August, 2014