Information for Applicants

The review of completed applications by the MD-PhD Program will begin in September. Invitations to interview will be sent via email from September to February. Individuals whose applications are no longer being considered for the MD-PhD Program will automatically be reviewed by the School of Medicine's Committee on Admissions for the MD Program only.

You will be invited to visit Yale and the Program over a two-day period. The purpose of these interviews is to give you an opportunity to indicate your interests and experiences that led you to consider combining medicine in all its ramifications with research – the essence of being a physician scientist. On the first day, you will be interviewed by two of our colleagues on the Medical School Admissions Committee. On the second day of your visit, you will meet with two members of our MD-PhD Faculty Committee where you will have the chance to talk about your research experiences and interests in science at Yale. This is also a great opportunity for you to tell us of your future aspirations to become a physician-scientist and to indicate how you will combine your research and clinical careers.

Importantly, during your visit here, you will have a chance to visit potential labs and mentors at Yale for informal meeting.


A list of potential mentors is available in several areas and more information is available on the Biological and Biomedical Sciences website.

Diversity Recruitment

The MD/PhD Program at Yale encourages individuals with disabilities or who may be from an economically, socially, culturally or educationally disadvantaged background to apply to our Program. Individuals with disabilities, with appropriate accommodations, must be able to satisfy all requirements of the program. Yale will ensure that these accommodations are provided, and encourages applicants to contact the MD-PhD Program ( and the Resource Office on Disabilities ( for further information. 

Yale is committed to the success of all students admitted to our Program. Applicants are encouraged to explore the resources available to our students by clicking on the "Diversity" tab of our web page.

Early Matriculation

Admitted students have the option of matriculating early to complete one lab rotation at Yale. The student must identify a particular lab in which to rotate and secure the lab advisor's consent and support for the rotation.

Note: Admission to Advanced Standing
The M.D.-Ph.D. Program at Yale School of Medicine does not regularly accept transfer students. Please contact the Director of the Program for further information.

The Application Process

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Yale School of Medicine welcomes applicants regardless of documented or undocumented immigration status and endorses the values of the University as stated by President Peter Salovey in 2016:

Yale’s commitment to its students is long-standing, and I am dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the supports and resources we have in place. We admit students without regard to immigration status, and our financial aid policies assure that no student will be denied an education because of immigration status. These policies will continue.

If you have questions or concerns, please visit the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) website.

Stipend Information

All students in Yale's MD-PhD Program are supported fully with stipend, tuition and basic health coverage for the duration of training. 

Currently, during your first three years, your stipend will be provided by our NIH/NIGMS T32 Training Grant and supplemented by Yale Medical School. The T32 provides the NIH base rate (FY 17-18 - $23,844). The FY 17-18 stipend amount for an MD/PhD student matriculating in August is $26,291 and for a second-year MD/PhD student $29,444. Third-year MD/PhD students affiliate with a PhD department in September and receive a pro-rated stipend of $34,178. Following affiliation with a PhD program and starting research in the laboratory full time, your stipend will increase to that set by the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, currently $35,150 (BBS), $30,250 (FAS), and will remain at the Graduate School level until you complete the dual-degree program.

Other Helpful Resources

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